>possibly TMI

>Thanks all for the good wishes, both here and on FB

As it transpired, six days of heaving up my toes after the massive surgeries of ’09 [ because no-one had made the connection that I was having what is euphemistically referred to as an ‘adverse reaction’ to morphine / oxycontin, as a result of which, they kept me well topped up with more of the same ] didn’t do my then newly eviscerated insides any favours

quelle suprise !!

anyway, the net result was last weeks reprise repair of some of the same portions of my battered carcass …

Apparently I am something of an anaesthetist’s nightmare now [ three of the fetching, red alert bracelets, each with multiple entries ] … there were no general anaesthetics that he was willing to risk so I had a spinal.

As promised, I don’t remember anything between having the ice cold pink stuff washed over my back and waking up with everything below the bellybutton not answering directions.
It was a very strange experience as bits and pieces came back on line.
At one point I could make my legs respond, but not the blocks of heavy ice that were subbing for my feet/toes and tush.

There were no private rooms available initially, so I had the ‘pleasure’ of sharing with a locally notorious, extraordinarily demanding, little old lady who was both physically and verbally incontinent and deaf [ loudloudloud tv] , and a fragile young lady going through some health and lifestyle issues that were totally none of my or any one else’s business, but which, because of the flimsy illusion of privacy offered by a drawn curtain, we were all fully aware of.

After three days of feeling like a voyeur [ and 2 hours sleep a night due to little old lady’s nocturnal wanderings ] I was less than sparkling, so one particular staff member iniatiated the opening of a closed 4-bed ward just for me.

It would have inconvenienced the cleaning staff who suddenly had one more bathroom to cope with, but, to tell you the truth, I was past caring.

A couple of days of peace and quiet ensued and I came home on Monday.

I’m trying to behave: bedrest with periods of moving around, trying not to ‘just pick up this’ or ‘move that’ and to find the balance between adequate pain medication [ I am invincible, I can do anything … ] and somewhat less than adequate [ owowowowowow ]
It’s a delicate dance known, I now realise, to all who have ever had to recover from major surgery.

I am:
reading [ Cassandra Clare: City of Glass, and during the last week, Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs, Keep The Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell and Side Jobs by Jim Butcher ]

knitting [ currently a scarf for Nadie – hospital knitting was a shawl from last week’s alpaca/samoyed, now temporarily on hold until I am up to spinning some more ]

and catching up on 3 seasons of NCIS

and you should all make yourselves a pair of these [ fabulous freebie pattern from Mindie ].

Pattern: 19 row slippers from Knitting If Not Eccentric
Yarn: vintage Thorobred Celtic 12 ply /bulky pure wool from New Zealand
Needles: KP Options 8mm
Mods: I used a slip1, k2tog, psso as the left leaning double decrease instead of the SSSK, and added a few rows of garter at the cuff before casting off.

and the colour is actually not as grey blue as this nightime picture would imply. It’s both clearer and brighter.

I made Nadie’s first and then a ‘taking to hospital’ pair.

So that’s m’week!


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