>where we’re at

>Well here I am, 7 weeks out from surgery, and to be honest not getting back to full strength as fast as I would have hoped [ Nadie says that this is because I totally SUCK at being lazy ]
Doesn’t feel like that to me.

Initially there was a lot of bed-time. In fact, on the advice of a multiply-surgeried friend, I spent the first couple of weeks post-surgery, in my jim-jams.

and subsequent to that, there’s been a buttload – and that’s a metric butt-load, not an imperial one I’ll have you know – of time spent on the couch: reading, knitting and catching up on some tellie.

I’m convinced that the real problem is that certain things are hard wired in when you’re a mum … I’ll just bend down and pick that up, wipe that bench, empty that washing machine, dishwasher, feed those animals …

okay okay … yes Nadie is correct. I’m no good at taking it easy.

Still doesn’t feel like that to me. The couch is beginning to develop a definite Susan-shaped divot at my preferred spot. The garden is sadly in need of a weed [ and yes, I DID pull out a few handsfull until the achey bits told me that wasn’t a brilliant idea ] and we will not even discuss the amount of winter-born detritus that needs raking, piling and burning. THAT I am resolutely ignoring … for now.

and no spinning either 😦

However, I did manage to get myself off the couch, albeit under the careful supervision of She Who Must Be Obeyed,otherwise known as my lovely DD.

With SWMBO riding shotgun “just in case” I made my first tentative forays into town, to drop off Dave, and when nothing too dreadful ensued, there were a couple of [ careful ] expeditions further afield
… over the North Harcourt Road to Emu Creek for some baby goat snuzzles

[ pausing ever so briefly to admire the two lots of newly finished headgear, I would suggest that you ignore the hunched over Catsmum and focus instead on Bear ‘kissing’ the little Boer kid. A cynic might point out that he was probably after the milk remnants on it’s cute wee face ]

and a few days – and a few ibuprofen – later into Bendigo for the ritual raiding of the Magic Back Room at the Woollen Mill, ahead of the arrival next week of the locusts … ahem … the lovely ladies and gentlemen who will be decending on Spendigo for the Wool & Sheep Show.

Ten minutes at the Mill segued into some baby snuggles of a very different kind, when Nadie and I finally got to meet the newest arrival at Mayhem, Chaos & Anarchy
seen here modelling one of his Catsmum natal offerings – it’s a lousy pic of the hat but you’ve got to admit that it’s a cute one of Master BJ

I was going to show you all the latest knitting but I doubt that I can top such baby cuteness so I will leave you here


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