would-be local terrorist

if he isn’t a terrorist, what does he want this stuff for ?

Does anyone buy the ‘I was going to make firecrackers’ excuse?

Nope? me neither.

Coming hard on the heels of the atrocity in Norway, I’m just glad that this guy was so incompetent and that the AFP were on the ball in flagging his purchases.

Otherwise I might be writing  a very different type of post.




4 thoughts on “would-be local terrorist

  1. Lynne says:

    That was a comprehensive web-page giving his name, his street and a map!

    Scary stuff!!

  2. catsmum says:

    yeah ‘t’is a bit! Big Brother is watching – and he knows where you live.

  3. gayle says:

    That’s very disturbing news…
    I’m very glad this is the post you’ve written, and not some other.

    • catsmum says:

      I know that the law says there is a presumption of innocence but … really … seems pretty cut & dried. Life in this town is going to be very difficult for his family I would think.

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