I was going to be so cool

I was going to tell you all about the trip down to Melbourne yesterday.How, despite a mad last minute sprint, we did in fact make the 9.06am train

and settled in for a couple of hours of mindless beret  knitting [me ] and spinning [ The Girl ]

Generally the sight of someone knitting in public raises no eyebrows  – although it usually elicits some sort of comment –

but you’d have to assume that it’s not every day that you see someone spinning … with a drop spindle … on a train

[ I would’ve joined her but Ms Charlotte Sheridan is a tad unwieldy on public transport ]

Anyway, as you can see,  Nadie kept the other commuters amused / intrigued / puzzled

and absolutely no one said anything … just watched her covertly and with great interest.

Now if it’d been me, I couldn’t have resisted asking all the whys and wherefores.

[ oh, and please note the wrist distaff I made her out of an orphan alpaca sock  ]

anyway, we knitted, spun and chatted our way through the Victorian countryside

and by about 11am we had arrived at Southern Cross and walked down to Jeff’s Shed

[ otherwise officially known as The Melbourne Exhibition Centre – except absolutely NO ONE calls it that. The eponymous Jeffrey was one J. Kennett, former Premier of the fine State of Victoria ]

The unruly crowds were being wrangled by this gentleman

He consented to a photo,, moved me out of the ticket queue, so that I could get a good shot – and more to the point, not hold up the queue [ leaving Nadie to hold my place of course ] and then, just as I was going to ask his name for blogging purposes, started giving me grief – loudly –  about queue jumping … and by then the moment had passed. So sadly he has to remain anonymous … cheeky beggar !!!

Anyway we made our way inside, bypassing the hundreds of shops, and thousands of women already buzzing around them, and headed for the relative sanity of the Victorian Quilter’ Showcase.

Where we started logically at the desk, paid my next year’s membership, bought raffle tickets, loaned my scissors to the lady on duty, and then worked our way – calmly and logically – around the outside, until we reached:




I totally suck at COOL




13 thoughts on “I was going to be so cool

  1. chrisknits says:

    Congratulations!!! How awesome and what a beautiful quilt. You should be proud and yes, you are cool!

  2. I would have chatted on the train, I sew hexies!!

    as promised, I viewed the quilt, and dragged friends to it too

    TOTALLY jealous of wonderful skill and ribbon also

  3. Lynne says:

    Oh, Susan; congratulations! You totally rock!!

  4. Margaret says:

    Congratulations, beautiful….both subjects in view.

  5. RoseRed says:

    But winning a prize is SO COOL! Hope you celebrated by buying up big on more fabric etc while you were there!

  6. Suzanne Farr says:

    Went yesterday and your quilt is just beautiful, and photos really do not do it justice – was so happy to see it up close. My other aim was to look at all of Linda Steele’s quilts, as I have just finished “crazy about Australia” with her. A good exhibition again. Congratulations.

  7. catsmum says:

    yes wasn’t it lovely seeing Linda’s quilts all together ?

  8. alwen says:


    Wow! Congratulations for that very deserved recognition!

  9. WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! Noice!

  10. ozjane says:

    Oh wow. I evidently have not plugged the new site in correctly as I have missed all these.
    Congratulations oh clever one.

  11. Snowcatcher says:

    On the contrary, I think that was just about the coolest post ever! Best ending anyone could ever hope for!

  12. Congrats my dear, you do such beautiful work.

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