Here’s some I prepared earlier

To make the most of Nadie’s newfound interest in knitting [ and continuing love affair with spinning on a drop spindle ] we have both started attending  – if that’s the right word – a small & friendly once a week knitting group that meets at The Dove Cafe here in Castlemaine … or more precisely in the outdoor courtyard of same. There are big tables, friendly staff, chai …served properly …in a pot …with honey on the side, plenty of interesting breakfast and lunch choices, a kid-proof pool fence style lock on the outer gate, and a rotating cast of lovely knitters, most with little folks in tow [ hence the decision to meet outside where there are plenty of interesting things for the kids to investigate and no one has to worry about inconveniencing other patrons  because most of the courtyard crowd seem to have their own little people, and/or dawgs  ]

Granted it can get a bit chilly when the sun passes behind a cloud

but as we move into Spring and the warmer weather beckons, it is just idyllic.

I forgot to pull out the camera today

Just like I forgot my Sheepie knitting bag at home and had to go back for it

only to find that I’d managed to drop one of the double-pointed needles I was using for the current project.

No way was I going home again – I’d already driven into town to drop David off, back out to pick up Nadie, and again to get the knitting bag

… and we don’t have a wool shop anywhere near here anymore, so just popping down the road to get a new needle wasn’t an option either

All was not lost though: I had a crochet hook and some part done hexagons in 8 ply, so the yarn for the current project  – far more than was actually needed, and the right ply in a compatible colour – was repurposed for the day … along with some of Nadie’s wool, also the right ply and again in a toning shade.

Just as well, or I would’ve been raiding the nearest Op Shop in search of vintage needles in the right size to replace the one I’d mislaid.

Anyway, as I forgot to take appropriate pics today, here are the ones I took at last week’s session and totally forgot to show you:



5 thoughts on “Here’s some I prepared earlier

  1. Maria says:

    What a lovely spot to gather, knit and natter. Wish I lived close to Castlemaine

  2. Lynne says:

    It sounds like an ideal spot to gather and stitch! What a pain about your needle though! I am a big fan of dpns but there is something to be said about circulars in this instance!

    • catsmum says:

      I was working on legwarmers with a really small circumference and I’ve never really become comfortable with the whole magic loop thing. In ‘the file’ I have internet directions for doing small circumference things on two circs – and I understand the theory – but some old habits die hard 🙂

  3. Maggie says:

    Hi Susan

    Sounds like a good group of enthusiasts. Wish the weather would warm up. Don’t have your email so hope you get this message in time. Meeting at Studio 16 tomorrow (Tuesday 11 Oct) at 10.30 if you can make it. Hope to see you there. Had a good group of knitters (7) at Creswick last month.

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