odds & sods

there’s no one theme to this post – it’s a bit like one of Sheepish Annie’s WNBPP [ which for the uninitiated, means Wednesday Night Bullet Point Post  ] except, in this case, it’s Thursday.

  • I’ve been knitting yet another of the ubiquitous Forest Canopy Shawls  [ravelry link ]
  • It’s alpaca and soysilk. I dyed two balls turquoise/green and three turquoise purple.
  • The yarn used to be a perfectly respectable pale green and  a sort of grey mauve.
  • I like my colours better.
  • We had 2 inches of rain yesterday. My carport was under an inch of water … flowing straight off the goat paddock.
  • The carport is now scented with eau-de-goat-poo.
  • You have to watch where you step when you get out of the car.
  • On Tuesday I had a long-distance chat with Nonna about the spindle that she passed on to Nadie on Monday. I think we both assumed that she had owned it since the days when she learned to spin in school [ and she only went to school until grade 3 ] which would have put it somewhere in the early 1930s. Not so. Apparently she found it at home and snaffled it when she was preparing to get married at age 20.
  • It was already old – very old – when she found it in the early 1940s.
  • Think peasant Italian multi-generational home.
  • Yup. You’re way ahead of me. It probably belonged to Nadie’s great grandmother or possibly even her great-great grandmother … MIL couldn’t remember her mother spinning so great-great is looking more than possible.

Habetrot has a vintage postcard in her collection which shows a Roman woman “of Ciociara” spinning with what looks to be the same type of spindle. She [ Habetrot that is, not the Italian spinster ] has been kind enough to let me swipe it for blogging purposes.

  • You should go visit her eponymous blog if you are at all keen on vintage images of textile or fibre pursuits or fibre-bearing animals.

  • Ciociara is near Rome. Tocca da Casauria in Abruzzi where Nonna was born isn’t so very far away.
  • In Italian, a spindle is called a fuso. [ when Nonna says it in dialect, she sort of swallows the ‘o’ on the end, so it becomes foose ]

7 thoughts on “odds & sods

  1. Marcy says:

    Great great+ makes sense. That far back, pretty much all women would have spun.

    “eponymous blog” I like that!

    • catsmum says:

      well Habetrot isn’t her real name – which is actually Marcy – but that’s the name she uses in the blogging world and on ravelry. Does that still make her blog eponymous ? 🙂

  2. Val says:

    Have been intrigues to read about the old spindle, how wonderful to have something from so far back especially as you are both now keen spinners. Wondeful.

  3. ozjane says:

    Now if that shawl was crochet I could even be tempted to dig out the few balls of wool I kept…but I have made a vow not to go back to knitting and a few other things from my youth which escape my mind just now.
    But they do look lovely. I really should bring my stash of knitting needles up.
    Who knows vows do get broken.

  4. Lynne says:

    Ooo! Even more exciting!

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