It’s been …

one of those weeks.

Busy, busy. busy.

Out nearly every day [ and even when we weren’t, there was stuff happening ]

so basically I was spoiled for choice in blog fodder, and at one and the same time, totally lacking in either the time or the focus to write those posts that I was mentally polishing while under the shower.

I could have told you about Tuesday’s trip over to Daylesford with Nadie for this month’s knitting session with the Purl’s Princesses.

Then there was the weekly knitting mob in the back garden at the Dove. Or the fact that we also made it along to quilting [ albeit briefly ] I’m sure I could’ve worked up a post about that. Especially if I’d remembered to take photos.

Then there’s list of woolly creations that I’ve failed to document properly … or at all. The pile of stuff demanding its moment in the blogging sunshine has reached such gargantuan proportions that we’re in serious danger of being engulfed by a fibre avalanche any moment now.

I possibly could’ve told you that Peace Choir has started up again and kicked off the seasonal run up to Christmas with an open rehearsal on Wednesday in the foyer of the Phee Broadway Theatre to help publicise Mental Health week [ and yes, totally forgot the camera for that one as well ]

and, in a feat unprecedented in recent months, Nadie and I also managed to make it to Chat Warblers the following night. I could probably have gotten a post out of that.

I could probably have penned a sonnet detailing the joy of sitting in my garden, bathed in Spring sunshine, surrounded by several companion animals – and one slightly perplexed lizard

– listening to the hum of busy insects with nothing on their tiny insect brains but the pollination of as many flowers as possible.

well I could have … until all that ‘peaceful vegging out in the garden’ was rather tarnished by the whiff of raw effluent from the direction of what turned out to be a blocked septic line.

Cue visit from plumber with several of his highly priced minions.

and my peace-and-serenity has been restored to its previous settings


6 thoughts on “It’s been …

  1. Hi Susan, coming up with interesting blog content is hard … I guess that’s why my blog was out of action for so long … but, I think I’m back blogging … have done a couple of gargantuan posts (part one and part two) of our recent trip, as well as a catch up post prior to that. Also, I have added stuff to my Quilting Kitty blog.
    Looks like life is treating you well … I’m loving all the spinning / knitting stuff you and Nadie are doing.
    Hoping I can make it, one day, to your place to join in on a Sunday session … the last one was whilst we were away, unfortunately.
    Anyway, enjoy the remainder of your weekend.
    Take care, Connie xx

  2. ozjane says:

    No odor from here and the lilies are beautiful
    You may like to check Christmas fabrics on blog…..some did not make it for some odd reason.

  3. Marcie says:

    your latest post (and poll?) have got lost in the ether….can see a link on my blog, but it’s just not showing up when I click on it.

  4. Lynne says:

    Oh joy! I have firends who live in the country, I have built fences and chicken coops, picked all manner of vegetables/fruit, helped with the milking and feeding but when the septic tank needed cleaning I was nowehere in sight!

    • catsmum says:

      the tank got cleaned out [ by professionals with a big truck ] a few months back. This was the other end of the septic line where it’s all supposed to disperse gradually underground but wasn’t.
      I’d like a few months without major expenses please … and no big health issues too.

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