Just another day in paradise

This time last week we were still wearing winter layers and the overnight temps hovered around zero. which just goes to show you how fast things can change around here.

Because today was absolutely glorious : cornflower sky, nary a cloud to be seen, and a top of 30C [ 80 somethingF ] with low humidity.

Yesterday wasn’t half bad either, and a largish portion of the day was spent outside, alternating between weeding and that perennial spring favourite ‘sitting-by-the-dam-with-a-good-book-trying-not-to-get-sunburnt’ [ with added mozzie repellant and and loads and loads of 30+ sunscreen ]



Apparently this is what we looked like at knitting group according to our tapestry weaver friend Jennifer:

Obviously, that’s me to the right under the big sunhat, and Nadie in the middle, sporting a crochet headband and ponytail


and this is the view from my end of the table where I was industriously producing some of this year’s crop of crochet cotton Christmas* snowflakes.

That’s Jennifer down there at the end wearing blue.

Currently she’s the featured artist at the cafe where we have our weekly knitting session, so if you are in the area over the next month or so, you might like to check her wonderful woven works out at ‘the Dove’ aka the Doveton corner store [ situated not surprisingly at the corner of Doveton and Hargreaves streets in Castlemaine. ]

*and yes, I did say the ‘C’ word.

By this time next month, the great annual christmassification Chez Catsmum will be well underway.

You have been warned.


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