Christmas House Tour 2011 Day 1

Things To Do by December 1st:

All seasonal decorating done – check [ apart from minor tweaking and a few decos on one tree ]

All Christmas presents bought, ordered online or made – check

First post in Christmas House Tour ahh! that would be a no!

Dateline yesterday late afternoon, and I was totally on track. Just thought I’d wander down to the end of the driveway to take a photo of the approach to the house … sort of a “Welcome to my Christmas House ” and that’s when all good plans went astray.

Bear bounced into the back of my knee, and as I went down, my valiant camera attempted to avert disaster by throwing itself bodily between me and the driveway.

Unfortunately it was still in my hand, and camera [ and twisted fingers ] ended up sandwiched between Catsmum and compacted gravel. The zoom and macro functions appear to be deceased. [ and my hand’s not all that happy either ]

I LOVED that macro button.


Better late than never:


One battered tin Saint Nick on the gate post

and another up a gumtree.

We have Christmooses [ Christmeece? ] on the verandah

and here’s my christmas decorating tip #1: Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

As Nadie can attest, it is not unknown for my car to drop a screaming u-turn at the sight of an orphan Xmas tree left out on someone’s naturestrip.

If they’re in decent shape, I either:

a] adopt them myself

b] donate them [ kinder, child care, Adult Day Service ]


c] if they are showing their age, I disassemble the branches for use around doors, windows,

light fittings,


The etcetera in this case being an antique gravel sieve which hangs near my front door being quaint, rustic and decorative when not actually being used for its stated purpose.

and in case you hadn’t realised:

22 days 5 hours and 56 minutes


5 thoughts on “Christmas House Tour 2011 Day 1

  1. Val says:

    looking good so far!!!

  2. alwen says:


    We look forward to the tour here.

  3. Looks awesome … hope your hand and the camera will recover 😦
    I have yet to put up Christmas in my house … hope to do it over the next few days, between running around to various appointments / concerts / parties (hence me not being able to join you this weekend).
    Have a marvellous weekend xx

  4. […] the Christmas Tour for the last three weeks [ in which case I salute your intestinal fortitude ] or you haven’t [ in which case … go … now … and … have … a … look […]

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