Christmas House Tour 2011: Day 2

Come in. Come in.

Make yourself comfortable.

Could I interest you in a mince pie?

Some shortbread maybe?

I’m going to break with long established tradition this year, and start us off in the first decorated space that you see as you come in the front door : my sewing room.

At the very real risk of repeating myself, I will point out that this is the bit of the house that the architect mistakenly thought was the lounge room [ living room ].

Silly man. My house … my rules.

One feature of this room that frequently puzzles non-quilter visitors is the end wall covered in a layer of wadding /batting. This is my ‘design’ wall, and it has a 6″ grid drawn on it in thick black marker pen to aid in the placement of quilt pieces. They stick to the batting so I can make changes quickly without needing to pin and unpin constantly. This grid, and the ever present accompanying layer of stray threads that adhere to it, has had more than one innocent visitor visibly stuggling for a polite comment about what they imagine is my rather strange decorating statement.

I would’ve thought the sewing machine, next year’s Christmas quilt in potentia, and the ever present ironing board would be a dead giveaway but apparently not.

Anyway, moving on, my collection of vintage Christmas postcards:

along with some of my Nativity scenes [ and a few ring-in extra animals to keep the ox and the ass company ] This year they include a horseshoe-nail-and-fleece sheep, a knitted llama and alpaca, and a goat who is really a pincushion.

… and a tree.

A tree

Not the tree.

There are several

…but this is the main one. The one under which Father Christmas leaves the presents.

Now rest up my darlings, for tomorrow we press on and you’ll need all your intestinal fortitude if you’re going to last the distance to the other end of the explosion at the North Pole house.


9 thoughts on “Christmas House Tour 2011: Day 2

  1. Lynne says:

    I wish I was allowed to have the lounge room as my sewing room although two large windows and two large archways make wall space a premium!

  2. catsmum says:

    This room has the large windows too but plenty of wall space. The other end – the ‘dining room’ end – is actually used as a loungeroom because I didn’t ever use it as a dining room.

  3. ozjane says:

    Love the tree and beautiful ornaments.

  4. Val Groombridge says:

    once again a pleasure to see Christmas decos at your place!!

  5. Maria says:

    Absolutely love it

  6. Domna lee says:

    I love the quilt wall. I finally have some spare space to set up a craft area and the idea of the sewing machine being readily available is exciting.
    The tree is beautiful.

  7. alwen says:

    That batting wall is brilliant!

    (And I’m not even a quilter.)

  8. […] Christmas Tour for the last three weeks [ in which case I salute your intestinal fortitude ] or you haven’t [ in which case … go … now … and … have … a … look […]

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