Christmas House Tour 2011: Day 3

… and today we’re going to have a quick visit to my room.

It’s reasonably easy to change this room over for Christmas because it has gumleaf green walls to start with and a floaty mosquito net over my cream Edwardian-style iron bedstead.The bed linens get changed over to a nice rich burgundy [ or if they’re in the wash, I make do with cream ] and THIS year I finally have a ‘proper’ Christmas quilt on my bed.

I finished it last year but had it on a different bed. Now it’s mine mine mine.

From memory, I was only going to make something about lap sized, to go on one of the armchairs, but the quilt had other ideas.

In the end, the size was determined by the length available of the burgundy and gold snowflake fabric that was just crying out to be the sashing.

It’s just a simple strip quilt, made with decades worth of seasonal fabric leftovers, strips cut from charm squares, and quite a few bits that students left in the scrap bins at class over the years. Bits that were ‘too small to do anything with’. I love looking at all those different tiny bits and trying to remember where they came from.

Some other Christmas touches :

Shabby chic style primitive wooden angels hang from the mosquito net, the armoire that belonged to my Great Granny and wherever else they fit:

Acrylic icicles hanging from the light fitting – and a much larger one in the window that I’m not showing you because then you’d see how dusty the window is [ goat paddock … lost cause ]

A small satellite collection of mainly cream Saint Nicks and a few angels sitting around and under the tellie.

A small fake tree adorned with glass, silver, crystal [ and faux-crystal acrylic ] and a smattering of current and vintage knitting and needlework tools.

If you look closely enough you may be able to spot scissors, bell shaped knitting needle gauges, an ivory stiletto, a vegetable ivory needlecase from Nepal,an abalone shell thimble holder and a few other bits and bobs

of course any bed quilt in this house comes with accompanying layer of cat and/or dog hair for reasons that should be self evident:

and I guess, looking at this last photo, that you’ll pretty much have to take it on trust that there are in fact burgundy sheets and pillowcases under that mountain of cream.


17 days 4 hours 22 minutes


4 thoughts on “Christmas House Tour 2011: Day 3

  1. Val Groombridge says:

    your room looks lovely!

  2. ozjane says:

    I am so glad to see a Christmas quilt on your bed this year….but of course you realize that the challenge for next
    Christmas is a cream one to totally keep with the cream theme. LOL.
    Your bedroom leaves mine for dead. Tree on top of tv and one set of drawers and a mirror are the only things attacked in their so far.
    Lovely to see it. You really are the person responsible for all my “stuff”

    • catsmum says:

      next year’s Chrissie quilt is already underway [ may I refer you back to the post in the sewing room m’dear ? ] and you might recognise some of the fabrics in the new one because they’re from a Moda Charm pack you gave me a couple of years ago as a blog prize 🙂

  3. […] for the last three weeks [ in which case I salute your intestinal fortitude ] or you haven’t [ in which case … go … now … and … have … a … look […]

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