Christmas House Tour Day 5:


The Big Room again:

Yesterday I showed you that bee-ooo-ti-full blue patchwork design Jim Shore nativity set … which seems to be at the heart of this space’s  slightly split Christmas personality.

For example:

The swag over the door through to the kitchen is in the same spirit as the big Christmas tree [ usually in this space but currently at the other end of the room ] which is to say silver, crystal and glass. I was aiming for subtle and elegant here.

then there’s the quilt on the couch – a stack-and-whack in fairly traditional Christmas colours from the late 1990s. Strong. Bold. Not at all subtle.

Not content with one Christmas quilt in here, there’s last year’s three piece wallhanging [ or wallhanging-and-two-tablerunners ] which I made in blues to go with the Jim Shore  nativity set … except that, with the advent of Nadie & Chris’ television, the sideboard housing the nativity has been moved a metre or so down the wall and  the Arctic Santa doesn’t quite look right so he’s been moved to a different wall and nearer to that red and green and black one.

which is fine… sort of

He fits there too

but it means I’m still short a Christmas quilt for the wall behind the tellie.

These reindeer, and their larger friend who is out of shot, are keeping the Arctic animals company.


and then there’s the tapestry table runner that friend Beryl gave me, which has to go in here because it’s the only coffee table long enough.

It sort of has a foot in both camps. There’s the bold red-and-green that goes with that kaleidoscope quilt, and the touch of blue that I’d like to think ties it together with the Santa quilt [ although I’m not exactly sure how the cute santa kitties fit in ]

and here’s my other Jim Shore piece:  blue … angel … patchwork … and a cat. Can’t think why my friend Raelene thought of me when she saw this 🙂

Perhaps this opulent blue, burgundy and silver panel made from recycled Indian salwar kameez and saris goes some way towards tying all those diverse colour palettes together.

and maybe I should stop trying to rationalise it all and just enjoy it, eh ?

11 days 1 hour 25 minutes


6 thoughts on “Christmas House Tour Day 5:

  1. You have the most beautiful Christmas pieces, Susan … I love that you are showing us all your bits and pieces. Thank you xx

    • catsmum says:

      Connie this isn’t even CLOSE to all my bits & pieces. This is the edited version. LOL 🙂
      The full version would melt your computer
      For instance, in this room I left out the new blue & white russian-style painted bells I found
      and the blue & cream china ornaments Maz gave me a few years ago that are so heavy no tree will hold them,
      and all the Christmas couch cushions ,
      and the Christmas puppy drink coasters [ although you can see them in the shot with the kitty runner ]
      and the crystal swag/garland thingie Maz also gave me
      and …
      You have to come see it in person to get the whole dealie.

  2. Val Groombridge says:

    good idea, just enjoy!

  3. gayle says:

    I always view your Annual Tour with slack-jawed awe…

  4. […] three weeks [ in which case I salute your intestinal fortitude ] or you haven’t [ in which case … go … now … and … have … a … look […]

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