and the 2011 christmas House Tour ambles on

It has become something of a tradition that David’s social group have their Christmas party here Chez Catsmum.

the barbie gets fired up

the Christmas CDs get an airing

everyone gets the ‘in-real-life’ version of the Christmas House Tour

and then, when everyone is replete with the most excellent feast

Father Christmas and his helpers pop by with the presents

and the next hour or so just whizzes by

Once it finally gets dark around 9pm, fond farewells are said, everyone piles back into the cars and buses, and heads off in convoy to see the local Christmas lights, while Nadie and I head back inside to discover that the elves have been hard at work and all the dishes are already done.

Gotta love those elves!

and as I don’t have to do those dishes, that leaves me with just enough energy to take the camera on a quick run through the hallway:

Starting with a Wild Goose Christmas quilt hanging on an antique Thai loom heddle [ or so I was told today by the owner of the new Thai Restaurant in Castlemaine ]

a string of mini quilts and stitcheries [ red work ] – the one nearest the camera was made by Jackie of Jackie’s Jam Session as a Christmas blog decorating prize, and the rest are mine.

If this Saint Nick seems a little more ‘aged’ than the others …

it’s because I left the ‘in-progress’ work in too accessible a spot, and a certain Staffy pup named Rocky decided to see how it tasted. The holes in the batting could be fixed but the cream fabric bore the marks of the trauma it had suffered, ergo, a heavy hand with the tea bag was employed to hide the evidence. Tea dye and a fast run through the tumble dryer to crinkle the batting = instant antique!

Maybe one day I’ll get around to stitching the intended fourth Saint Nick in the set … or not.

I made this teeny one in an afternoon many years ago – each of the little houses and trees are all of an inch and a half square.

A machine quilted Log Cabin Tree wallhanging – from the early 90s.

and as we’ve now reached the other end of the hallway, that’s your lot for today.

So rest up tonight.

Tomorrow things really start getting serious as we begin to tackle the snow country.


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