Snow business

For many years I tended to steer away from any Christmas patterns or merchandise that featured snowflakes or snowmen … after all December here in the antipodes is the height of Summer.

Not a snowflake in sight.

No Frosty the snowman

No sleighs and sleds.

Shorts, sunscreen and mosquito repellant is more our style.

But then,a few years ago, I decided that the only way I was ever likely to experience a white Christmas would be if I made it myself. So, herewith, I give you the first installment of Christmas in my kitchen.

The snowmen:

This isn’t all of them but enough for you to get the idea [ and of course the added bonus that no one is in any danger of frostbite ]

and by the way

6 days 5 hours


5 thoughts on “Snow business

  1. Val Groombridge says:

    trust me white Christmases are not all they are cracked up to be!!! So enjoy your version much nicer!

  2. Lynne says:

    No snow but the rain continues to fall here in soggy NSW! It is far too cool to be Christmas – I think September is back!!

  3. […] As Senior Citizens, they spend most of the year cocooned in cotton quilt batting, but for 6 weeks or so a year, they hang out in the kitchen keeping company with all those snowmen from yesterday’s installment. […]

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