Kringle Kitchen

If you’re prepared to keep your eyes open and in potential Christmas mode pretty much all year round, it’s more than possible to Christmassify [ ‘t’is so a word ] your kitchen on an extremely modest budget.

The Teddy Christmas cookie jar – currently holding English Breakfast tea bags – was spotted new-in-box at an Op Shop [ Thrift Store ] mid year many years ago and purchased for the princely sum of $4. The sugar bowl and milk jug – Op Shopped up here a couple of years ago – were a dollar, and to snag the matching oval platter [not shown ] I had to part with a whole two bucks.

Teddy was relegated to teabag duty because I found this fellow full of cookies at Target [ Tarzhay ]. I actually bought him with someone else in mind but then found an even more perfect pressie for that person, so Santa was mine.

Of course I DID see him out on special $4 cheaper a few weeks later but that’s the risk you take I guess. Still he was a very reasonable cost even at full price.

He was all sealed up when I got him and I expected that his hat would lift off. Rather disconcertingly, this is not the case:

More Op Shop finds house more teas and coffees

which are served in some of my collection of seasonal mugs … bought on special, gifted, garage saled and -of course – Op Shopped.

If you ever wondered who bought those unwanted Kris Kringle gifts that you sent to the Oppie, now you know.

This year most of them are packed away up in the shed because of having to fit in the younger generation’s stuff, but we did agree to leave out enough to get us through December.

A big roll of Christmas ribbon and you can tie bows on anything that will sit still long enough.

A small tree decorated with tiny German and Scandinavian figures, candy canes, my collection of cookie cutters

and miniature kitchenalia

This small wall quilt has been around for quite a while. The angel block was a free block-of-the-month that I designed sometime in the mid 1990s, for a quilt shop I used to teach at, and then about a decade later, the whole quilt was featured in Australian Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

and that’s about your lot for today

3 days 12 hours and 15 minutes


5 thoughts on “Kringle Kitchen

  1. Val Groombridge says:

    as always lovely!

  2. donna lee says:

    I recognize some of those mugs! I think I have the same ones. All were gifts at one time and I pack them away and only use them in December.

    Years ago, my aunt gave me a Nutcracker cookie jar. I happened to mention that I liked nutcrackers and now am the proud owner of way more nutcracker figures than any one person should own.

  3. Lynne says:

    It’s amazing what you can find if you keep your eyes open, isn’t it?

  4. Caity says:

    I love your insane over the topness you do for Christmas!! Bows on the fans!!
    Have a wonderful silly season, sweetie!

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