I know you’re out there

I can hear you hyperventilating.

Don’t worry the insanity House Tour is almost over, and I’ve actually had to skip a few rooms. Just ran out of time, I guess.

After today we will finally reach the room that has, on occasion, been likened to  an ‘explosion at the North Pole’, although I prefer to think of it as an Annex to Santa’s Workshop, albeit one where the elves have obviously gone on strike [ and I will admit to pinching that line from my Darling Daughter ]

However, for today, we are still lurking in my kitchen:

Scandinavian Christmas plates, mini Christmas Tree quilts [ coffee coasters made by my Tassie friend Beryl ] and assorted finely painted folk art-y pieces mostly by Maz aka Crazy Haberdasher

More Danish plates, and a 9 foot swag  decorated with cat ornaments  and a few dozen of my crochet snowflakes [ and hearts and the odd star ]

Each year I make several dozen of my favourites and give most of them away to visitors and friends. That  one on the right end, closest to the camera, is one I designed last year – and one day I may actually write down the pattern … if only so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel next time I want to make it 🙂

Same swag, other end:

I have a  distressed looking ladder hanging over the kitchen bench with colanders. etc hanging from butcher hooks. At this time of the year, it is also covered in fake garlands of greenery and what I can only suppose are meant to represent cranberries [ MY cranberries come smooshed in a jar, so what do I know ? ] … and more of the snowflakes.

and Nadie’s knitted Christmas tree [ made from her own handspun too I’ll have you know ]

On the window-sill over the sink are various pairs of snowmen, a couple of painted wooden trees [ Maz’ work ] wooden primitive candles [ Maz again ] and another whole flurry of flakes. I can’t ever seem to get the lighting right for photos, but trust me, it’s all there.

The sliding door is not in use at the moment, and the wooden venetian blind is a great way of displaying cards

and the bunting that Tara made/gave me just cos it had my name on it.

and finally – for today at least – two very bright, very shiny, very very plastic trees that were given out at some point in the early 1950s to staff at the plastics company where my father worked. They’re actually a far more bilious green than any camera seems capable of capturing. Use your imagination, okay ?

2 days 5 hours 51 minutes


4 thoughts on “I know you’re out there

  1. Thank you for the tour … it has been fun!
    I have a collection of Santas and I am amazed how many collections I have browsed through and not seen one twin from my lot … but you have a tall skinny one in gold .. i have a glittery silver and a dark red one.

    • catsmum says:

      Oh I just adore those long skinny santas. I have a couple of the silver too 🙂 and cream …
      and the green and the red ones should be in tomorrow’s post along with around 130 of their friends.
      My friend Maz has them in every colour thay ever came in.
      I’m still searching for the antiqued copper version

  2. Judie Gade says:

    … I’ll have to get Christmassy at home next year … not a tree or bauble in sight … pathetic, I know, considering we are related.Darryl does not get into it. I love what you do to your house …

    I am, however, making puddings, beetroot relish, rhubarb and apple jam, mango chutney, tomato relish and possibly lemon curd for pressies and pantry.

    Kelsey is starting her first teaching position 16th January and is coming up to see Ross … besides being head of drama (she is starting their drama dept!), Kels is also teaching year 8 English (daunting for her as all the kids got in on entrance exam).

    So maybe I will come up and visit (and bring some goodies!)

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