North Pole Annex part 1

Either you’ve been following along with the Christmas Tour for the last three weeks [ in which case I salute your intestinal fortitude ] or you haven’t [ in which case go ... now andhave a look ]

Either way I did promise that we’d be moving into Santa Central today.


Along with Chris, Nadie and David, I spent the better part  of today – 5 hours at least – in a car [ over 2 hours to get down to Melbourne, detour to pick up elderly Mother-in-law, another half an hour to get back on track and out to the far Eastern side to see the Grandkidlets and then reverse ] and I’m b****y tired.

Happy … but … definitely tired, so you are getting the largely wordless version tonight. Tomorrow we hit Saint Nick Central with a vengeance.


1 day 1 hour 58 minutes


3 thoughts on “North Pole Annex part 1

  1. Lynne says:

    Oh my! You really go all out, don’t you? We must seem like Scrooge to you – we just took the decorations out of the cupboard yesterday!

  2. […] I hope that you’ve all enjoyed your visit. If you missed any of it, the rest of the links are in the previous post here. […]

  3. Rosemary says:

    I love your Christmas decorations!! You are a Christmas decorator after my own heart!!!

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