Okay, yes

Once again I’ve let a week cruise by without an update

and my explanation [ not an excuse mind you, just an explanation ] is that , once again, life got in the way of blogging.

Mmmm, let’s see …

There has been a c**p load of goat wrangling and block clearing. Two years worth of ‘not drout anymore’ coupled with the surgery halfway through last year has meant that the obligatory keeping-ahead-of-ten-acres-worth-of-detritus hasn’t quite happened to plan.

The goats help with as much as they can but there’s still a lot that has to be dealt with manually. The goat[s] on clearing duty have to be caught, put on a chain and persuaded to walk past my delicious looking garden to whatever corner of the manse that is the target du jour. Ever tried lugging 90 kg [ 200 lbs ] of goat in a direction other than the one that it wants to go ?

Also on the agenda this week was the Great Christmas Decoration Takedown and Pack Away of 2012.

Nowhere near as much fun as the Great Christmas Decorating of 2011, but just as much work, with the added ‘bonus’ of having to find homes for anything that I may have acquired in the interim. Basically a lot of stuff to be moved, dusted / washed, wrapped, boxed up and then lugged up the slope to the shed, where I discovered that the elves had gone on strike so I had to pack it away as well.

This has pretty much taken all week.

Not everything revolved around the acreage though.

There was delicious brunch in the courtyard of The Dove with David, Nadie and Bear [ followed by some post-Christmas Sale shopping  followed by absolutely nothing at all at Malmaison, The House of Fergus Frog and Skydancers Garden Centre ]

There was a visit to the quilt shop in Maldon [ who are having a $15m sale on all fabric this month, and where a few modest purchases may have been negotiated ] with a side trip to the Ice Creamery [ David and Nadie ] and the Christmas Shop [ where it is just possible that I may have been persuaded to part with some of next Christmas’ decorating budget  where nothing at all happened … honestly ]

I managed to fit in a bit more work on this year’s Christmas quilt:

Let me see. What else ?

There may have been a bit of knitting and crochet finished since the start of January [ blurry photos courtesy of my mortally wounded camera-that-I-haven’t-replaced-yet ]

Two Rolling Waves Berets testknit in 12 ply BMW wool/angora [ no ravlink yet until the Designer posts one ]

another testknit for Madeleine aka YarnMadness [this was a fun knit and the  Baby Bubble pattern will be available soon ]

finally finished the third of the Nekos – which is actually #2 – he’s the big guy in the middle sitting on his tail

and a baby blanket in cotton destined for a member of the extended family up in tropical Queensland.

and my ever so clever son-in-law managed to resuscitate Nadie’s Bear-masticated sewing machine

So all is well


7 thoughts on “Okay, yes

  1. Dorothy says:

    Oh I love those Nekos .. they’re so cute and have such sweet faces. I’ve seen one crocheted in #10 cotton and my friend let me borrow her pattern but I’m afraid all those sc stitches drove me nuts. Yours look a little bigger – did you use yarn?

  2. Lynne says:

    Sounds like a busy (read “normal”) week at Chez Catsmum.

  3. Sounds like a good week !! Glad the sewing machine is now usable again. Love the new Neko … his tail placement in the photo makes me laugh (yes, I revert to a silly rude teenager sometimes !!). Enjoy your week this week, and I am looking forward to joining you all again real soon !!

    • catsmum says:

      Connie, I DID think about writing …” That’s his tail people”
      anyway, once he gets over the sulks about being the only one to not meet your neko last week, I’m sure he will be looking forward to the next get together

  4. gayle says:

    Whaddaya mean “What else?” Looks like you packed about a month of activity into one week. (I think I managed to knit 4 rows on a sock and spin an ounce of fiber in that same time period…)

  5. Madeleine says:

    That quilt is gorgeous! 😀

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