Dear Mighty Hunters

I actually – and rather strangely – would prefer that my ” See what I caught. Aren’t I a good cat?” presents be left, wherever possible, on the outside of the house. Near to, but not actually on, the front doormat would be good.

All in one piece would be great too

Bottom of my list of options would be in pieces, minus anything resembling a head, and in the middle of the loungeroom carpet.

Of course I am not being ungrateful

I do realise that any mouse that ventures into a space inhabited by four cats and a small dawg probably is too stupid to live.

Could I just ask that my presents be bloodless ?

Thankyou for your kind attention to this matter

The domestic staff


3 thoughts on “Dear Mighty Hunters

  1. RoseRed says:

    Heh! The only time my cat ever caught a mouse, she left it under the Christmas tree! (thankfully in one piece!).

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