Quilt Trek: The Next Generation

This was the scene in my lounge room sewing room this morning: next Christmas’s quilt in potentia on the design wall, being tinkered with occasionally in between bouts of current shawl knitting.

that was until Miss Nat [ The Girl’s BFF and bridesmaid ] arrived from Melbourne with her sewing machine and her ever burgeoning stash of fabric … to which was added the several metres that we had picked up during the week on her behalf.

My quilt bits were relocated and Nat’s quilt #1 went up [ followed later by bits of quilt #2 which I seem to have failed to document thus far ]

Nadie spent some time plying her one of her current handspun creations, and once that was done, switched to working on an ‘X Bag’ pattern that we picked up at Maldon a couple of weeks ago. I’ll leave it to Nadie to detail her spinning exploits on her own blog later.

MissC decided that her role was to make sure the bag pieces didn’t try to escape

and firmly resisted any and all attempts to move her

until it was established that she would make a lovely pincushion, at which point she bowed to the inevitable and settled down on the version I’d made earlier in the week. I know I haven’t shown mine yet but I promise I will once I can get it out from under the cat [ denim and cat print … what a surprise ]

with and without feline and canine assistance Nadie finished off her bag after tea with a vintage 1950s button as the perfect accent

Tomorrow is our February Sit-and-Sew / Stitch&Bitch / UFO [ unfinished objects ] Day, – which is why Miss Natty’s up here for the weekend and we’re expecting several friends of a fibre-y persuasion to arrive late morning with mountains of yarn and/or fabric … and food … so another great day in the offing.

You know, I’ve just read what I’ve written, and really, I’ve totally failed to give you an adequate impression of just wonderful it is to be able to pass the love of some of my favourite things on to the next generation … but Captain Jean-Luc Picard would understand.


7 thoughts on “Quilt Trek: The Next Generation

  1. That looks like such fun! The cat made me laugh! They do seem to develop velcro feet and lead weights when they don’t want to move!

  2. Lynne says:

    Nadie’s bag is lovely – DD would love the fabric!

    What a great way to spend a day or two! DD and I finally got to the quilting frame yesterday and it looked like it was going so well – but I will spend the rest of the week unpicking! *sigh*

  3. Marcie says:

    I totally get your delight at seeing the next generation sewing, it’s lovely to know they have all those years of textile adventures ahead of them!

  4. donna lee says:

    I felt that way when my daughter said she wanted a sewing machine for Christmas one year. I bought her a started machine and she is slowly building up a fabric stash. (I am not a stasher of much of anything. I buy it when I need/want it).

  5. ozjane says:

    Less one wimpy friend who looked at the weather turned off alarms and curled up …..nah can;t curl at the moment…lay back on her bed.

  6. […] weekends ago, Nadie’s BFF Natty came up on the Saturday, stayed over [ hilarity ensued ] and then joined us and a cast of several for our monthly craft […]

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