Who said Guinea Fowl have faces only a mother could love ?

For about 30 seconds this morning, I had custody of five new guinea fowl – three for myself, and a pair for Pete-formerly-next-door and Brenda. Graham the chook bloke was barely out of the driveway before one of the little beggars darlings discovered a hitherto unknown trapdoor in the cage that I had borrowed for the occasion.

I didn’t actually see how it got out. All I knew was there was a chicken running frantically around the carport.

While I gave equally frantic chase and managed to corner it between my dyeing microwave and the aircon inverter, another one had discovered the same method of egress and headed off into the bush.

Ever try to chase down a wild fowl that is hell bent on freedom ?

Do the words ‘lost’ and ’cause’ mean anything to you ?

Lost cause nothwithstanding, Nadie and I spent the next half an hour creeping surruptitiously [ hard to do in crocs in long dry potentially snake infested grass ] and listening for any hint of a betraying rustle of grasses or cheeping.

There is a lot of cheeping in the middle of the bush in the middle of the morning, let me tell you … and rustling … and slithering.

What there wasn’t was any sight or sound of my errant fowl.

So now I have custody of FOUR guinea fowl.

There’s at least one boy in the bunch, so PFND & Brenda can still have their breeding pair,

and my beautiful pale grey [ lavender ] girl is still there, but just what the last one is I won’t know until Graham the Chook Guy comes back tomorrow morning.

Of course, when I tried to get a shot into the cage on an angle so that you could see all four, the camera insisted on focussing on the bars, so this is all I’ve got.


5 thoughts on “Who said Guinea Fowl have faces only a mother could love ?

  1. donna lee says:

    Chasing chickens through the bush! That sounds like an exercise in futility. They are, um, attractive, in their own way.

  2. Lynne says:

    According to the PlaySchool song: “Living in the country is quiet and peaceful, living in the country is fun!” 😉

  3. Alice says:

    My son and his family seem to have been adopted by two guinea fowl. They roam around the nearby bushland and their one acre block, making lots of noise in the mornings and again in the evening when they roost for the night in one of the eucalypts. They seem to ignore the two chooks and the rooster, but seem to have come to stay.

  4. gayle says:

    My grandparents always had guineas – noisy little things. They make great watchdogs… er… watchbirds, since they announce the arrival of *everything* that comes into their yard.

  5. […] Half the guests were deployed to ensure that we did not have a repeat of the Great Guinea fowl escape of 2012. […]

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