You may remember a few posts ago when I alerted you to the  seductive nature of testknits.

Well  evil temptress enabler friend Toni did it again by pointing me in the direction of a new design by Canadian designer Natalie Servant.

Like I needed another shawl!

The original is a clever v-shaped shawl, but Natalie was interested in having it done as a rectangular stole as well.

Turns out long skinny knitted thingies may not be the easiest things to photograph

His Royal Beariness thought that this first pic

would be enhanced by the addition of his chewtoy. Purely for purposes of scale you understand.

The one thing to be said in it’s favour is that the deep cherry colour is reasonably true, and it does show off the pattern nicely I guess. Ms Natalie calls this one Clover [ presumably 4 leafed?] but I see hearts.

I tried laying it on the floor … various tables … nothing remotely successful

So next, being the kind, considerate, loving mother that I am, I hauled Nadie and an assortment of woollies outside for an extended photo shoot.

In case you didn’t know, it’s Summer here.

Today got to 38 degreesC [ 100F ]

Once again, greater love hath no daughter …

and for those who care about such things

Pattern: Clover by Natalie Servant

– I mainly used the written with the chart as backup.

yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply in Ruby [ 100% machine washable wool ]

needles: 4.5mm KP


4 thoughts on “one

  1. Lynne says:

    Beautiful – the knitting and the model.

  2. Meow says:

    This is gorgeous … Red is my favorite color, I love it, and the color suits Nadie !!

    • catsmum says:

      agreed – yes it does – but The Girl prefers triangular shawls for herself and I made her a hand dyed red lace one last year so she’s set.
      Are we seeing you next weekend ? Saturday ?

  3. […] the mean time, go have a look at Susan’s test knit rectangular stole version of the Clover Shawl. I think it turned out very well. I’m working on the pattern tonight […]

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