I’m still here

amd we’re all fine … now

but I’ve had a frantic week …

some good [ knitting, quilting and a houseful of friends in various permutations and combinations from Thursday until a couple of hours ago ]

some bad [ inappropriate cat behaviour, local flooding, and the ‘adventure’ of being attacked by some exceedingly waspish wasps. For the record, and the benefit of those who didn’t know, paper wasps are nasty aggressive little beggars and their stings hurt like buggery ]

australian paper wasps [ google image ]

tomorrow I’m off down to Melbourne for a speaking engagement

so expect normal blogging to resume Tuesday – or tomorrow night if I haven’t collapsed.


2 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. gayle says:

    Not a fan of wasps at all! Every year, a colony of them builds a nest inside our gas bbq grill. Every spring, we hit the ignition switch with great satisfaction. They never learn. (Though perhaps that’s because there are no survivors to pass on the valuable knowledge?)

  2. TracyR says:

    Brilliant photo Susan!!

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