Three of Six

More from Nadie’s marathon modelling session

Pharaoh-ese [ an Egyptian take on a Faroese shawl ]


US 9 – 5.5 mm
Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8ply – 1 ball 400m –  dyed with Landscapes Dye in Wild Rasberry, Sarsparilla, Clematis and one of the dark blues – forget which

I wanted a simple lace shawl in the traditional Faroese shape and couldn’t find quite the one I wanted, so made it up as I went along with the help of my Harmony Stitch Guide and a bit of maths and a large dollop of wishful thinking

…and , no,  nothing written down
Once it was finished and blocked, it seemed to take on an Egyptian feel – the feathered wings of Isis, and that arrowhead lace variation in the centre back panel suspiciously like the jackal head of Anubis.

I could claim to have planned it that way but we know differently, don’t we ?



One thought on “Three of Six

  1. donna lee says:

    Beautiful design. And the model helps, too!

    I made a committment to my daughter to make a pair of socks a month and it’s taking way more of my time than I’d like to admit. There are shawls and things calling my name but a promise is a promise.

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