Less than 12 hours after my last post Sybil and Minerva fell victim to a fox … or at least that’s what I’m assuming from the pathetic guinea fowl sized pile of feathers that was left behind.

Between that, and some persistent health issues, I haven’t felt much like blogging

which is sad too, because there’s been a heck of a lot of stitching going on.

Will try to catch you all up this weekend, okay ?


Our Work Here Is Done

Someone please remind me why I thought getting another set of Guinea Fowl was such a good idea ?

Obviously Sybil and Minerva take their gardening seriously

Gratuitous goat

to try and make up for the lamentable lack of recent caprinocentric posts

and to draw your attention to the forthcoming All Breeds Goat Show next weekend April 28 & 29.

If any local – or not so local – spinners would like to come and join Nadie and I, we’d love to see you and your wheels or spindles at Bendigo Showgrounds. [ yes the same place as the Wool & Sheep in July ]



soap making

and of course



on the virtues of wellington boots

If you live in the country, wellies are a necessity. Doesn’t matter what you call ’em: gumboots, rainboots, whatever.

You need them.

Well, I need them.

They are not a fashion item

first there’s the mud

goats, and what comes out of goats

and ducks

and guinea fowl

ad nauseum

so [ assuming I’m not wearing my cowdy boots ] a good, strong, basic, black gumboot that will last forever is the order of the day. Even the Queen knows the value of a good pair of wellies … although in my mental picture of her Majesty tramping around Balmoral, hers are possibly green … but still … y’know … practical.

what can I say?

they’re going to get trashed – and the first thing to go will be those stupid bows– but

I had to

A Bear At The Bot

It was such a beautiful crisp Autumn morning

After the obligatory morning bark-at-the-annoying-little-mop-down-the-road, I decided to accompany my human into town. I don’t really enjoy sitting in that noisy thing she calls ‘car’ but it’s the only way that I can get to several interesting places.

Some days we use it to visit my family on Nannie and Poppie’s farm [ Mum refers to them as Pete-and-Brenda ]

and sometimes we go and hang out in the back garden at The Dove where they make wonderful things that include BACON and call me “Good Dog”

but today I thought that my human needed a bit of exercise so we went to walk the circuit at the Castlemaine Botanical Gardens.

While we waited for our friend Robyn to arrive with the chai, I caught up with all the news on the local notice-board:Here I am helping Mum’s friend Robyn to admire the view

This is “No Bear you can’t go for a swim in Lake Johanna”

local layabouts

We saw Mum’s friend J9

and I have to leave you there. There’s some magpies that need a good being barked at.