on the virtues of wellington boots

If you live in the country, wellies are a necessity. Doesn’t matter what you call ’em: gumboots, rainboots, whatever.

You need them.

Well, I need them.

They are not a fashion item

first there’s the mud

goats, and what comes out of goats

and ducks

and guinea fowl

ad nauseum

so [ assuming I’m not wearing my cowdy boots ] a good, strong, basic, black gumboot that will last forever is the order of the day. Even the Queen knows the value of a good pair of wellies … although in my mental picture of her Majesty tramping around Balmoral, hers are possibly green … but still … y’know … practical.

what can I say?

they’re going to get trashed – and the first thing to go will be those stupid bows– but

I had to


11 thoughts on “on the virtues of wellington boots

  1. dorothyoz says:

    I love ’em !!

  2. roseredshoes says:

    Of course you had to! Just because they will get muddy doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty!

  3. donna lee says:

    Of course you had to! They had polka dots! If I had need of wellies here, I’d buy bright ones too. We get rain but nothing like the mud where you are. I have a feeling my feet would sweat a lot in those in the summer here (when we get all the rain) and they’d be too cold in the winter.

  4. gayle says:

    Perfectly understandable. (Mine are blue and green striped…)

  5. madebyewe says:

    the bows are cute – tho I agree they would get muddy!

  6. Margaret says:

    I would prefer blue Wellies with red polka dots myself, but they are satisfyingly far removed from borIng black. I have started to knit Wingspan…so beautiful.

  7. Joan says:

    Congratulations Catsmum. I too bought new gumbies a few years ago. Plain purple with pink soles. Very uplifting after a lifetime of black. Had to shop around to find them in my size though. In response to Donna’s comment, you need to get your boots a size or two larger than your usual shoe size. Growing up, I could put my father’s gumboots on over my slippers for a quick trip outside. No sense in getting anywhere near cold air in the transition. Now I wear hiking socks with my boots. The loose fit makes them more comfortable in hot weather without socks, and they are easier to put on.

  8. Lynne says:

    Yes, you had to – they’re purple!

  9. alwen says:

    Of course you had to!

    Mine are just black. Well, and muddy.

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