Another Treasure

After Auntie Billee’s funeral last week, I was looking through some of the old family photos, when I noticed something that had never really dawned on me before.

The wedding headpiece of tiny wax orange-blossoms that Billee was wearing in that 1951 photo, is the exact same one that my mother had worn a year previous,

and which was later worn by my Aunts Fay

and Judy.

It was my ‘something old’ when I married Marc more than twenty years after its last outing [ but you’ll have to trust me on that, at least until I can relocate my wedding album which seems to have disappeared into the black hole otherwise known as my shed ]

The headpiece went missing for a decade or so after mum was conned into lending it to a friend of a friend, on the spurious pretext that I knew the bride, [ short version was yes, we did go to the same school but she was several years behind me, and I didn’t really know her at all ]

More by good luck than anything else, we did eventually get it back much the worse for wear.

It was far too frail and bedraggled, after its decade in the wilderness, for Nadie to even consider wearing it for her 2010 nuptuals, had she been so inclined [ which she wasn’t ] so it was carefully wrapped in archival tissue, and packed away with a scrap of unused [extra] lace from the first wedding dress that it was worn with, on February 18th, 1950 .


Celebrating Billee

A long life well lived.

That’s about all any of us can ask, and it was very obvious to everyone at St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Brighton this afternoon that Mildred Bowden Williams Foley, aka Auntie Billee, had a very very good life, and 89 years is a pretty good innings by anyone’s standards.

Billee was so named the day she was born by her two year old sister, my mum, who was adamant that the new baby was going to be her brother Billy … and Billee she’s been to everyone who knew her ever since [ helped by the fact that she cordially loathed Mildred as a name]

Billee and Mum both signed up for the WAAAFS on the very first day that women were allowed into Australia’s armed forces in 1941, and their service during WW2 is something that we are all very proud of.

and with no attempt at a smooth segue, this:

is how much knitting one can achieve on a rocking high-speed express train ride from Southern Cross back up to Castlemaine.

So I said to myself…


Self, if you’re going to make a pair of happy little newborn size pull-on pants using Rae’s super easy free pattern , it is a really, really good idea to actually look at her perfectly clear pattern, identify which is the clearly marked centre seam and which is the equally clearly marked leg seam and NOT SEW THE BLESSED THING TOGETHER UPSIDE DOWN.

As I didn’t actually listen to the sage advice that self had espoused, I ended up with a pair of baby pants that were nowhere near long enough through the body to go over a baby bottom encased in a nappy [ or diaper if you prefer ] and with overly long legs. Luckily these pants only take 20 minutes to make [ even less with an overlocker ] and a teeny amount of fabric, so after I’d finished castigating myself for being a total ninny, version 2.0 went together like a dream.

version 2 [ with banana for scale ]

Yes, I know

that some of you have been concerned by the relative paucity of posts recently. There are a few things going on healthwise that have had a fairly significant impact on my energy levels, so once that’s all sorted I promise to a] fill you in and b] try to get the posting back to previous levels.

Despite the lack of proof, there actually has been knitting, spinning [gasp] and quilting [ double gasp ] going on, which I will endeavour to chronicle before I forget most of it.

In the meantime , here are a couple of pix from last weekend’s All Breeds Goat Show up in Bendigo.