Yes, I know

that some of you have been concerned by the relative paucity of posts recently. There are a few things going on healthwise that have had a fairly significant impact on my energy levels, so once that’s all sorted I promise to a] fill you in and b] try to get the posting back to previous levels.

Despite the lack of proof, there actually has been knitting, spinning [gasp] and quilting [ double gasp ] going on, which I will endeavour to chronicle before I forget most of it.

In the meantime , here are a couple of pix from last weekend’s All Breeds Goat Show up in Bendigo.



3 thoughts on “Yes, I know

  1. Lynne says:

    DD would have loved to have been there – she loves alpacas. Unfortunately (for me), she, SIL and the GrandBoys are on the mid north coast visiting SIL’s parents for three weeks.

    Hope your health issues are treatable and you are feeling better soon.

  2. Margaret says:

    Hope no R & C involved. Looking forward to the photographs of LOTS of quilting, spinning and knitting

  3. ozjane says:

    Oh dear I thought the Alpacas had moved in till I read the text.

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