So I said to myself…


Self, if you’re going to make a pair of happy little newborn size pull-on pants using Rae’s super easy free pattern , it is a really, really good idea to actually look at her perfectly clear pattern, identify which is the clearly marked centre seam and which is the equally clearly marked leg seam and NOT SEW THE BLESSED THING TOGETHER UPSIDE DOWN.

As I didn’t actually listen to the sage advice that self had espoused, I ended up with a pair of baby pants that were nowhere near long enough through the body to go over a baby bottom encased in a nappy [ or diaper if you prefer ] and with overly long legs. Luckily these pants only take 20 minutes to make [ even less with an overlocker ] and a teeny amount of fabric, so after I’d finished castigating myself for being a total ninny, version 2.0 went together like a dream.

version 2 [ with banana for scale ]


4 thoughts on “So I said to myself…

  1. Now they look wonderful Susan, your mishap is hardly worth mentioning to me, I dropped an open can of exterior paint on the carpet inside my front door………..

  2. ooobop! says:

    They are really cute. Loving the banana for scale purposes! Typical how the simplest of projects can encourage the daftest mistakes! I recently sewed a pair of pjs with one leg inside out. Not a huge mistake to rectify normally but I had just discovered how to use my ‘side cutter’ which acts like a serger so unpicking a serged seam on a large pair of men’s pjs hopefully means I will never ever make that mistake again!

  3. lisette says:

    do you know how many times i have done that ? 🙂 and congratulations for the new grandbaby

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