Don’t mess with 2 million wielders of pointy sticks

First read this

and I want to make very very clear, this has NOT come from the IOC, or the London Games 2012 Organising Committee, it is purely and simply from the US Olympic Committee – because we all know that nothing of any value exists outside of the US, right ?

… and I trust all my American friends do realise that my tongue was planted pretty firmly in my cheek when I typed that last bit.

For anyone  who is not au fait with Ravelry, it’s a bit like FaceBook for fiberistas, it is a worldwide forum, but it is physically based in the US.

For the last several Olympic Games, both Summer and Winter, Ravelry members all over the world – not just America – have joined together in amity and goodwill, to watch the games, support their national teams and challenge themselves to knit, spin, or crochet something challenging while the Games are on. It is not a competition. It is not for profit [ unless you count any purveyors of yarn or fibre who benefit from some extra business along the way ]

It is for fun, friendship, personal growth etc … but mostly fun … and it has always been referred to as the Ravelympics.

No one is setting themselves up as being in any way comparable to the elite athletes of the Olympic Movement. Most of us stand – or sit – in awe of their dedication and skill.

The whole situation is beyond ridiculous.

Having realised the hornets nest of trouble the USOC has stirred up, we Ravellers [ all 2 million plus of us all over the world ] have now received this rather insulting backdown and ‘apology’

If you’re going to apologise, try and sound as though you mean it.


Castlemaine Knit In Tomorrow

Just a quick drive-by post to give anyone remotely local a heads up.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 16th, as a final celebration of WWKIP Day/Week 2012, Ms Alex is once again hosting a knit-in at Castlemaine’s historic Theatre Royal.


10.30 am to 3 pm

BYO needles and yarn [ although I’m reasonably sure that  SOMEONE will be able to enable furnish you with the requisites if necessary.

You can read all about last year’s effort here

Yarn Bombing the Library … again!

It’s not just giraffeses and heffalumps that get to indulge their literary side, y’know.

Today was my [ Neko’s] turn. The dog insisted on coming too, but you can’t have everything in life, can you?

Anyway, we checked out the reading seat ottoman thingie in the children’s area that The Domestic Staff [ aka Catsmum ] yarn bombed yesterday. Very comfy.

Then we spent some time on the front desk interacting with the patrons

and admiring librarian/local historian Robyn’s wonderful banner that she just “dashed off in one night”


while Domestic Staff pimped out one of the book shelving trolleys

and Nadie curled up on one of the yarn bombed armchairs to work on her current knitting project  [ but I don’t have a picture of that ]

and then I got to spend some quality feline appreciation time with Ms Alison the suitably cat mad loving librarian

a very sensibile way to spend a cold, wettish and dreary Winter day.

Knit like mad at the Library indeed.

Yarnbombing Castlemaine Library part deux

Despite yesterday’s sterling efforts, there was still one nekkid armchair in the centre reading area.

The undressed chair was clearly jealous of its warmly clad comrades. Obviously this inequality could not be allowed to continue.

I took care of one arm in fairly pedestrian fashion:

Nadie had other ideas:

I also recovered a hassock/ottoman/pouffe in the children’s reading area with a repurposed never worn capelet, but forgot to photograph it, so I guess that’s my task for tomorrow.

Outside, someone had thoughtfully supplied the Bob lookalike with his own teeny waterbowl. The elderly canine next to him seemed a bit miffed that no one had given HIM a water bowl, winter coat and spool knitted lead

and just in case you can’t read what is printed on my tote bag in the first pic, it says:

” I knit,

therefore I am always armed with

two really sharp sticks, sturdy yarn and scissors

so do not mess with me ”





by your Castlemaine correspondent Georgia Giraffe

World Wide Knit In Public Day [ which is actually going on all this WEEK ] started with a genteel knit with the fine ladies of Daylesford at Deb’s Wholesome Foods Cafe. My handsome companion Heffalump joined me in a cappucino.

A bit later in the day, after returning home, lunching and some post-prandial couch potato-ing, we decided to cruise past the Castlemaine Library to check out the results of today’s scheduled WWKIPD yarn bombing

Heffalump tried the knitted bike but didn’t get very far

and this is the after-hours slot and side door [ which is actually in the 150 year old main facade ] now boasting a set of knitted bookshelves which we found very inspiring [ Heffalump and I are great readers you know ]

the children’s reading area ‘comfy seat’ is a little more comfy than usual

Tiny patron Ms Sophie admires a yarn bombed chair in the main reading area [ and yes, I did ask her mum for permission to use this photo ]

and here I’m overseeing the fine work that Nadie is doing yarn-bombing the outside hand rail

Our favourite bit of indoor jungle is decorated for the week

We’re going back tomorrow to add some more.