As Promised

Last week I told you about Mum’s wax orange blossom bridal headpiece and the succession of brides who have worn it.

So here’s the proof that I also wore it for my wedding to Marc in the early 70s.

cheesy 70s moustache

equally cheesy blue velvet suit and huge bow tie

Laura Ashley style wedding dress [ referred to by my darling daughter as ‘the nightie’ ]

and my formerly elbow length wavy auburn hair after being attacked, chopped and straightened by the hairdresser from hell.


4 thoughts on “As Promised

  1. dorothyoz says:

    Good looking couple …. and your hair looks pretty, in spite of the hairdresser from hell !!

  2. donna lee says:

    I’ve learned in my old age to let my hair do what it wants. We’re both happier that way.

    I wore fresh daisies in my hair (early 80’s and still a flower child). We have a christening dress that all the children in the family wore and then my children wore. I think it’s outlived it’s usefulness since my children aren’t at all religious and probably won’t have christenings.

  3. Lynne says:

    Gorgeous photo Susan. I had a similar hairstyle which was permed a couple of years later by a hairdresser who obviously didn’t care! WM wore a white suit (so late 70s) and his going away outfit was a safari suit! Ah fashion – thank goodness it changes!

  4. Val Grombridge says:

    Love the photo, and now I can see all your offspring resemble their dad!! Have also had a chuckle at the other comments.

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