by your Castlemaine correspondent Georgia Giraffe

World Wide Knit In Public Day [ which is actually going on all this WEEK ] started with a genteel knit with the fine ladies of Daylesford at Deb’s Wholesome Foods Cafe. My handsome companion Heffalump joined me in a cappucino.

A bit later in the day, after returning home, lunching and some post-prandial couch potato-ing, we decided to cruise past the Castlemaine Library to check out the results of today’s scheduled WWKIPD yarn bombing

Heffalump tried the knitted bike but didn’t get very far

and this is the after-hours slot and side door [ which is actually in the 150 year old main facade ] now boasting a set of knitted bookshelves which we found very inspiring [ Heffalump and I are great readers you know ]

the children’s reading area ‘comfy seat’ is a little more comfy than usual

Tiny patron Ms Sophie admires a yarn bombed chair in the main reading area [ and yes, I did ask her mum for permission to use this photo ]

and here I’m overseeing the fine work that Nadie is doing yarn-bombing the outside hand rail

Our favourite bit of indoor jungle is decorated for the week

We’re going back tomorrow to add some more.


One thought on “WWKIP Day

  1. Lynne says:

    Thank you Georgia! Love the knitted bookshelf!

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