Don’t mess with 2 million wielders of pointy sticks

First read this

and I want to make very very clear, this has NOT come from the IOC, or the London Games 2012 Organising Committee, it is purely and simply from the US Olympic Committee – because we all know that nothing of any value exists outside of the US, right ?

… and I trust all my American friends do realise that my tongue was planted pretty firmly in my cheek when I typed that last bit.

For anyone  who is not au fait with Ravelry, it’s a bit like FaceBook for fiberistas, it is a worldwide forum, but it is physically based in the US.

For the last several Olympic Games, both Summer and Winter, Ravelry members all over the world – not just America – have joined together in amity and goodwill, to watch the games, support their national teams and challenge themselves to knit, spin, or crochet something challenging while the Games are on. It is not a competition. It is not for profit [ unless you count any purveyors of yarn or fibre who benefit from some extra business along the way ]

It is for fun, friendship, personal growth etc … but mostly fun … and it has always been referred to as the Ravelympics.

No one is setting themselves up as being in any way comparable to the elite athletes of the Olympic Movement. Most of us stand – or sit – in awe of their dedication and skill.

The whole situation is beyond ridiculous.

Having realised the hornets nest of trouble the USOC has stirred up, we Ravellers [ all 2 million plus of us all over the world ] have now received this rather insulting backdown and ‘apology’

If you’re going to apologise, try and sound as though you mean it.


7 thoughts on “Don’t mess with 2 million wielders of pointy sticks

  1. spracksemporium says:

    It’s sheer madness! Im England based, and over here we recently had a little old dear told off by olympic lawyers because she knitted a doll with ‘ london 2012’ stitched on it’s jumper and was attempting to sell it at a charity fete for £1!

  2. Maria says:

    I started laughing, then realized their serious
    So maybe Ravellers should boycott watching the Olympics! ‘Denigrate’ their Olympians by crafting
    Really they are giving so much support by watching them

    Can really only laugh about their righteousness

  3. donna lee says:

    It’s embarassing, really, to have the USOC represent my country’s team. The games have become a way to make money and the joy of the competition against the best in the world seems to have faded from the picure.

    And they’ve learned not to mess with the 2 million!

  4. meow says:

    I thought this was so stupid it was funny !! Fancy them making such a fuss about Ravelympics !!! How silly !!

  5. meow says:

    Oh, wow, it let me post a comment … yayyyyy !!! Neko says g’day !!!

  6. […] Thanks to the idiocy last month of the US OC, the name of our beloved Ravelympics has been changed to the Ravellenic Games [ yes, Hellenic … Greek … Ravellenic … I get the reference ] even though the stupid beggars backed down and apologised for upsetting 2 million wielders of pointy sticks worldwide. […]

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