want vs need

Start out in any craft and there are basic pieces of kit that you need to acquire.

For something like knitting, you can start off with a pair of needles from the $2 Shop and a big ball of ACKrylic yarn from the local big box craft store. They possibly won’t be very good, but they’re enough to get you started for a modest outlay, and if you find that knitting [ or crochet, or spinning, sewing, embroidery ] is to your liking, well THEN you can start upgrading your tools and materials.

Yarn can be made from wool, alpaca, bamboo, bison, cotton, and a whole slew of manmade fibres [ of varying degrees of desirability ]. You can buy handyed. You can buy handspun. The only limit is what you are prepared to pay.

Same goes for the other pieces of kit.

I’m not sure that anyone really needs silversmith crafted knitting needles embellished with real baroque pearls, but if that is what you fancy, they are out there.

As it happens, my favourite needles these days, after a lifetime of swearing by the faux-tortoiseshell casein needles beloved by generations of Australian knitters, are these:

my KP circs


sharp as the dickens

I bought a set of ‘Options’ nickle plated KPs back when the KP stood for KnitPicks

then I added to them with a set of the rainbow striped laminated wood KP Harmonies. At this stage KP was KnitPro.

More recently I bought Nadie a complete set for her significant birthday [ and also filled in a few gaps in my collection ] and now KP apparently stands for Knitter’s Pride.

it doesn’t particularly matter what they’re called, they are lovely to work with, and I tend to use the circs for almost all knitting because they are easier for me to manage since the onset of FMS limits how much weight my upper body can handle.

One disadvantage though, of the wooden needles, especially in the smaller gauges that are my preference, is that they are vulnerable to being dropped, dinged, sat on and in all other ways broken.

So I was a ready mark for the latest cleverness from the lovely Ron [ spinningwoodie on rav ] … he who took so much time and effort last year to teach The Girl how to spindle spin.

This is something I desperately needed and I didn’t even know it existed.

Behold [ drum roll please maestro ]

Ta Da!

Ron has invented a special case for protecting the points of your circular needles. But … I can hear you say … but my needles came in a protective little carry case anyway. Why do I need another?


Because my dears, this needle protector is to protect the needles while they are actively in use

When you need to put your precious points down for the night, or into your bag to take to knitting group / the train / mother-in-law’s, the point and cable slips into the case with its little grooved lid and, there, you are, safe as houses.

Unfortunately Ron doesn’t have a retail presence, but if you are on Rav you can start a convo with him … otherwise you’ll have to wait until next year’s Wool & Sheep.

and this is what my Ravelympic knitting looks like after Day 1 of competition.

Zauberball in Charisma

KP 4mm needles and the Ishbell has morphed into another Holden Shawlette.


I know I said to slap me upside the head if I ever again contemplated making anything with a mile of bloody neverending picot cast-off.

This will probably end in tears.


12 thoughts on “want vs need

  1. Marcie says:

    Yummy colours!

  2. Linda says:

    Love the circular needles case….ingenious! Your shawl looks beautiful; love the colors. Hopefully the picot edge will go better for you. Have a great week!

  3. Rosemary says:

    I too love all my KP needles and now I want/need one of those needle protectors!!!!

    I love the colours in your shawl even more now that they are out of the ball in into the shawl.

  4. RoseRed says:

    That really is a very clever do-dad. But could I stop at one? (I suspect not…)

  5. Loani Prior says:

    your cousin sent me here so I’m now following. She might be right.

  6. Jellybean says:

    Ron showed me his prototype needle protectors at Spinning Group just before the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival, brilliant idea! Have now scored myself one and it’s awesome. A must have. Keeps my knitting on the needle as well as protecting the needles themselves. And they are so pretty!

    • catsmum says:

      between us DD and I own 2 of Ron’s spindles, a niddynoddy [ blackwood ] and two of the needle protector cases. I think the difference between Ron and most other woodturners is that he is a spinner so it’s not JUST about producing something that looks good.

  7. Lynne says:

    I love my KP needles. Like you, I started with KnitPicks nickel plated and added as needed. Then I bought DD a full set of Knit Pro Harmony for Christmas before she was married, and a couple of extras for me. I had no idea that they had changed their name again. Did you know they also have acrylic tips? I don’t know if they’re available in Australia.

    Those needle protectors are fabulous!

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