Okay my darlings

So this is the current situation for those of you that aren’t on my FB feed :

Just over a week post surgery, I started feeling less than wonderful. The pain relief wasn’t. Relieving that is.

Initially I put it down to prolonged sitting at the kitchen table with visitors on Sunday, but as  discomfort segued into pain and a total lack of sleep, I realised it probably wasn’t that.

Without going into icky details, it was pretty obvious by Monday morning, that I was brewing an infection, and after a phone confab with the hospital, I presented at the GP’s just after they opened. Bugger this phoning for an appointment lark.

I have some form of wound infection, most probably MRSA ( still awaiting pathology results to confirm ) and I’m being treated on that basis with mega doses of appropriate antibiotics.

Using my patented knitting based Wellness Index which ranges from

1: Cannot summon up the energy to even think about anything yarn related


10: Knits complicated lace in fine yarn on thin needles

I have spent most of the week hovering around 1.5 ( thinks about knitting, possibly picks up needles, but puts them down again fairly soon thereafter )

Yesterday I made it all the way up to up to 2 ( mindless strip of  simple pattern, in this case moss stitch )

But nothing that makes for good blogging.

I’m attempting to behave myself. Pills. Couch potatoing. Nadie’s iPad. Facebook. Catching up on other people’s blogs that I have shamefully neglected of late

… And at least I’m not back in ‘ospital on a drip


Things I learned this week …

Partial blogging restored courtesy of Nadie’s IPad: (but no photos) So here are the things that I learned this week : 1. Surgery isn’t fun … No wait … I already knew that. However, contrary to the opinion of last year’s anaesthetist, that there was no anaesthetic that he was happy to use with me, this year’s fella was happy to try Fentanol ( apparently 10 times stronger than morph so presumably used very carefully ) which he did with minimal adverse results. Basically just a bit of nausea, a slow slide sideways each time I tried to read or knit, coupled with a highly attractive tendency for my left eye to close against my conscious efforts while the right eye hovered somewhere around half mast. A small price to pay for adequate pain relief but not a great look. 2. I have some really nice friends … No wait … knew that too. ( they know who they are ) 3. If you have any intention of knitting, crocheting or stitching, get them to canulate the non dominant hand … Nope … Knew that one too … learned that one the hard way LAST year. 4. My daughter is pretty special … Well … Obviously I knew that, but specifically I’m referring to the fact that she drove 2 hours to get up here on Monday to bring me  home from hospital DESPITE having fallen the previous day ( the bump is fine but Nadie’s nose and wrists didn’t fare quite so well ). This week it’s been a bit of a moot point who was looking after whom. 5. I totally suck at taking it easy … Well, I think we ALL knew that. 6. The sight of a whole family of kookaburras congregating on the nineteenth century chimneys of the hospital was just awesome … and so’s our wonderful little hospital … But I already knew that too … I could’ve gone to Bendigo but why would I ?  Not knocking Bendy, but the level of care and attention available at Castlemaine can’t be faulted …  well, apart from having to wait until the hour of nine of the clock to get a cup of tea !

Technical difficulties, please stand by…

Hi all, Nadie here.

Mum asked me to hijack her blog to let you know that her computer is currently refusing to do anything approaching work, so she is *gasp* without internet access a full day ahead of going in to hospital. Fingers crossed we can get it working again once I’m up there next week.

She’s fine, aside from feeling cut off and missing Bear who has gone for a holiday with his grandparents. She’s also understandably somewhat apprehensive despite this years hospital stay being comparatively minor. Fingers and toes crossed that she doesn’t discover any new medication reactions!

I’ll keep you updated.

can I have a little whine with that?

Op on Friday morn, and I will freely admit that I’m getting a tad anxious.

Yes, I know that the removal of one’s gallbladder is relatively minor as far as major surgery goes


last year the anaesthetist did a spinal because ” there’s no General that I’m prepared to use with you”

Apparently they can’t do gallbladders with a spinal

so there’s a distinct probability  that I’m going to be in hospital for a few days more than the average

and did I mention that I’ve already had ‘adverse reactions’ [ to use pharmacist-speak ] to pretty much all the ‘good’ painkillers?

so yeah, I’m not really dancing on air about this one.

okay whinge over

here’s some pix of what the girls and I got up to over the weekend:

I made newborn-sized mauve pants in cotton for Nadie’s little miss, and upcycled a pair of stretch denims into ruffly jeans for Asher.

Some time was also invested in sewing up these gorgeous little Saartje’s bootees that Nadie made for the Rav cough mutter lympics.

meanwhile, The Girl raided my stash of flannels and brushed cotton and made some little bibs

and Nat made a head start on the seasonal decorating with these Christmas stockings:

Sesame Street Christmas fabric !!

Even Bear did his bit by making sure that no fabric projects made a break for freedom

and, as you can see, Bear is now all packed and ready for a farmstay holiday with his extended pack at Emu Creek

2 more sleeps


Three Sleeps To Go





until the latest surgical rearrangement of my innards.


all the Carer arrangements are in place.

David will have live-in Carers,

the dog is going to stay with his extended family at Emu Creek;

David’s Carer is going to look after the goats,

and the cats will pretty much look after themselves [ so long as appropriate tributes are made in the shape of fresh kibble ]


I’ve spent the last week keeping frantically busy, partly it must be said, so that I don’t have too much time to dwell on things, and also because there’s been a buttload lot of stuff that needed doing.

There has been mass murder of weeds and the re-woodchipping of one of the garden beds

Further wholesale slaughter of a couple of acres of serrated tussock [ shoulder high very invasive grass ] It is generally not a good idea to stomp around in high grass once the warmer weather hits and certain reptiles of the brown-and-slithery variety wake up.

Some of this was accomplished by caprine means but mostly it was done by hand … and no, I’m not totally insane. I’m perfectly happy to peg the goats out and let them munch their way through enormous amounts of greenery , but there are huge swathes of this block that are home to various species of very tiny and very beautiful [ and apparently very tasty ] native lillies and orchids, so I choose to decimate those areas myself.

The bonus is that I get  to bonfire whatever I don’t lug up to the goats.

The inner pyro has been very happy this week.

In addition, I made it to quilting on Friday, dance class on Monday, knitting at Daylesford today, AND still managed to fit in a visit to Emu Creek.

There may also have been a weekend visit from Nadie, Chris, and friend Natalie.

This MAY have involved a lot of fun, laughter, sewing, and knitting, on the part of myself and the girls, and some furniture haulage [  some down to Melbourne, and some on the return leg up here ] by The Boy. I know who got the better part of that deal.

Anyway I may leave the photos of the weekend’s creativity for another day, and leave you with some scenes from Emu Creek.

kids in the kitchen

This is Ms Shi, who was a little put out that Brenda and I were inside snuzzling very new baby goats

I can see you in there you know!

Catsmum with ‘hospital hair’ and a cute kid




Baby goat cuteness is not to be ignored


A certain little madam then proceeded to decimate Brenda’s atrium to teach us a lesson. Please note Bear studiously looking the other way so he won’t be blamed for not stopping her.





The good news is ..

that the intense, constricting chest pain [ which most of you didn’t know about, apart from a deliberately vague comment a few months back about health issues ] that the medico thought was acute coronary troubles, isn’t.

In fact, after three heart ultrasounds and the dreaded treadmill test, I can confidently say that my heart is as strong as … well … the proverbial large emasculated bovine.

The gallbladder ultrasound that was supposedly for purposes of elimination, didn’t … eliminate that is.

So as of Friday week, the 17th of August, my gallbladder and I will be parting company. Permanently.

and with little attempt at a segue:

Thanks to my somewhat patchy blogging of late [ see above for one of the reasons ] it transpires that there are quite a few things finished this year that I have totally failed to document blogwise.

The current count for projects finished since January 1st is 51.

Granted a lot of that is new baby sized, but it does also include 9 shawls, four baby blankets and two adult cardigans,

and as I am never likely to catch up the backlog of reportage, you can find them all here [ except for Chris’ neckwarmer which I forgot to photograph. It’s a big knitted tube. It’s navy 3 x 3 rib. You can use your imagination ]

Blood & Roses


and herewith the medals it was awarded in the Rav coughmutter* Games

pattern: Holden Shawlette available free on Ravelry here

yarn: Zauberball in Charisma [ supposedly a sock yarn but it’s an unplied singles so not something I would consider sturdy enough for socks, plus … too pretty ] from the Wool & Sheep Show haul 2012

needles: 4mm KPs and no coming apart dramas

started during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics [ July 28th 6.30am ]

finished knitting August 2nd [ blocked and ends sewn in August 4 ]

and I’d love to be able to tell you that I planned to have the colour changes in the yarn fall exactly in line with the garter stitch rows dividing up the lace … but no, that was just the way it decided to happen. Ditto for having the darkest part of the yarn form the border. Sometimes the gods of knitting are smiling, and just maybe they thought they owed me one after the saga of the cursed jacket.

* happily appropriating Nadie’s phrase. Ravellenic Games …pffft … they’re the bloody Ravelympics.