The Cursed Cardi

Back at the start of July, I mentioned what a frantic month it was shaping up to be [ and yes it was, as you  possibly  guessed from the relative paucity of posts ] and showed you a pic of the cardi that I had just cast on for the Tour De France KAL [ knitalong ]

The stated aim was to have the cardi/jacket finished in time to wear it to the Wool and Sheep Show in Spendigo two days before the finish of Le Tour.

This did not happen.

I started off Le Tour well enough, managing to get in a little spinning alongside working on the jacket. I was averaging about a ball a day and the jacket was going to remove 16 balls from my stash.

A couple of days in, I had a major equipment failure when the little metal jigger parted company with the cord on my favourite and hitherto impeccably behaved KP circs.

Picture me sitting there with about 200 stitches of impossible-to-see dark purple alpaca/merino boucle unravelling in my lap. Several unladylike thoughts, a lot of frogging and reknitting, and an application of superglue to the offending circs, and I was back on track …

and then it happened again … to the other end

Clearly my beloved KPs didn’t care for the greater-than-normal weight that I was asking them to carry.

Still, if those TDF boys could get back on their bikes after an equipment malfunction, so could I.

and so I cycled knitted on

next was the week of the truly revolting code id da doze which morphed into da code id da jest ad den da code id da froat

… still I cycled slowly on … cough … hack … splutter

and then  the KP cord that I had changed to, while working on the back, did exactly the same thing that the other one had.

mutter … mutter … superglue … mutter

this cardi was clearly cursed.

Then I fell off the metaphorical bike completely when I … well … ahh … fell. Heavily. Backwards. Jiggered back. Unhappy hip and extremely stiff, sore and unhappy wrists which had  to bear the brunt of my not inconsiderable catsmumish bulk.

At this point one of the girls on ravelry stated that I was ‘having a worse Tour than Rabobank’

still … slowly, and with wrist brace and heat pack, on I pedalled.

The knitting was finished the day before Nadie and I were going to Bendi, but a bunch of knitted pieces is not a cardi, and clearly I wasn’t going to be wearing it to the Wool & Sheep Show

To tell you the truth, at that point, it very nearly went into hibernation in the basket under the coffee table [ from which it might never have emerged ]

and then someone [ on Rav again ] quoted the rabobank comment, but added that I was on track to have a finished garment for the ride down the Champs Elysee on the Sunday. Buggerit.

So through gritted teeth, and with further uncharitable and unladylike thoughts, I sewed the beggar together, gave it a bath, and posted a photo [ damp, laid flat on a towel but definitely finished ] just in time for the finish of Le Tour.

I’ve worn it a few times in the last couple of weeks and while it may not be the most flattering cardi on the face of the earth [ or possibly that’s down to the middle-aged Catsmum inside the cardi ] it is certainly warm and toasty and fit for the worst a central Vic winter can produce.

and why am I catching you up on the cardi now, two weeks after the fact?

Well, mainly because today was our monthly  SnB/ GTG/ Wip day / UFO day / whatever the heck you want to call it, and so I had a willing photographer in the person of my friend Toni

So herewith: from pile of yarn to finished jacket in just under three weeks

and fairly gratuitous pooch

AFTERWORD: all KPs have now been thoroughly tested and superglued where necessary, and given that I am never likely to knit anything that heavy ever again,  the relationship with my KPs appears to have survived.



6 thoughts on “The Cursed Cardi

  1. Linda says:

    Oh geezzz….I am laughing my arse off….this is tooo funny! Sounds like things that happen to me! So glad your cardi is finished (you too, no doubt). Hope your injuries from the fall are getting better. Your sweater looks beautiful!

  2. Maria says:

    Definitely a medal winning Cardi – endurance and tenacity
    It does look lovely and toasty warm

  3. […] needles: 4mm KPs and no coming apart dramas […]

  4. Lynne says:

    Looks great and no one will ever know the trauma you suffered!

    I have had that happen to my KPs – it can be very annoying having to pick up all the stitches. I’m glad I wasn’t knitting lace!

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