The good news is ..

that the intense, constricting chest pain [ which most of you didn’t know about, apart from a deliberately vague comment a few months back about health issues ] that the medico thought was acute coronary troubles, isn’t.

In fact, after three heart ultrasounds and the dreaded treadmill test, I can confidently say that my heart is as strong as … well … the proverbial large emasculated bovine.

The gallbladder ultrasound that was supposedly for purposes of elimination, didn’t … eliminate that is.

So as of Friday week, the 17th of August, my gallbladder and I will be parting company. Permanently.

and with little attempt at a segue:

Thanks to my somewhat patchy blogging of late [ see above for one of the reasons ] it transpires that there are quite a few things finished this year that I have totally failed to document blogwise.

The current count for projects finished since January 1st is 51.

Granted a lot of that is new baby sized, but it does also include 9 shawls, four baby blankets and two adult cardigans,

and as I am never likely to catch up the backlog of reportage, you can find them all here [ except for Chris’ neckwarmer which I forgot to photograph. It’s a big knitted tube. It’s navy 3 x 3 rib. You can use your imagination ]


8 thoughts on “The good news is ..

  1. Dorothy says:

    You’ve been very busy with all your projects this year, all of which are lovely. That baby’s bib idea is excellent – I’m going to have to try that. Good luck for your op on 17th – I had mine done about 9 years ago – nothing to be worried about and as I recall, recovery was quick.

  2. Marcie says:

    An impressive collection! Love the shawls.

  3. donna lee says:

    My gall bladder and I parted ways about 5 years ago and I, for one, have not missed him/her. (not sure how he/she feels about it).

  4. Margaret says:

    Good luck with the op. glad it wasn’t anything sinister.

  5. Rosemary says:

    I’m so glad your heart is strong and everything (bar your soon to be not missed gall bladder) else is fine. Take good care of yourself.

  6. Mandy says:

    So glad to hear that your health issues are going to be so quickly remedied. Hope you are feeling fully fit very soon.

    • catsmum says:

      Oh hell yes, roll on next week – cos I have to tell you there’s a jolly good reason why the doctor thought it was heart related. It feels like every description you ever read of a heart attack… not a lot of fun

  7. RoseRed says:

    Glad it isn’t heart troubles, hope the operation goes well.

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