can I have a little whine with that?

Op on Friday morn, and I will freely admit that I’m getting a tad anxious.

Yes, I know that the removal of one’s gallbladder is relatively minor as far as major surgery goes


last year the anaesthetist did a spinal because ” there’s no General that I’m prepared to use with you”

Apparently they can’t do gallbladders with a spinal

so there’s a distinct probability  that I’m going to be in hospital for a few days more than the average

and did I mention that I’ve already had ‘adverse reactions’ [ to use pharmacist-speak ] to pretty much all the ‘good’ painkillers?

so yeah, I’m not really dancing on air about this one.

okay whinge over

here’s some pix of what the girls and I got up to over the weekend:

I made newborn-sized mauve pants in cotton for Nadie’s little miss, and upcycled a pair of stretch denims into ruffly jeans for Asher.

Some time was also invested in sewing up these gorgeous little Saartje’s bootees that Nadie made for the Rav cough mutter lympics.

meanwhile, The Girl raided my stash of flannels and brushed cotton and made some little bibs

and Nat made a head start on the seasonal decorating with these Christmas stockings:

Sesame Street Christmas fabric !!

Even Bear did his bit by making sure that no fabric projects made a break for freedom

and, as you can see, Bear is now all packed and ready for a farmstay holiday with his extended pack at Emu Creek

2 more sleeps



4 thoughts on “can I have a little whine with that?

  1. Loving the baby clothes and wishing you a speeding recovery. Hope you are back blogging soon, best wishes, Margot.

  2. Rosemary says:

    I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you have a speedy recovery and no “adverse reactions” to anything they give you. I’m sending you lots of hugs as well.

  3. Lynne says:

    That’s a bunch of great projects. Sounds like Nadie loves Christmas almost as much as her mum!

  4. Nadie says:

    The stockings are my friend Nats, not mine, I draw the line at starting christmas stuff in August!

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