Technical difficulties, please stand by…

Hi all, Nadie here.

Mum asked me to hijack her blog to let you know that her computer is currently refusing to do anything approaching work, so she is *gasp* without internet access a full day ahead of going in to hospital. Fingers crossed we can get it working again once I’m up there next week.

She’s fine, aside from feeling cut off and missing Bear who has gone for a holiday with his grandparents. She’s also understandably somewhat apprehensive despite this years hospital stay being comparatively minor. Fingers and toes crossed that she doesn’t discover any new medication reactions!

I’ll keep you updated.


6 thoughts on “Technical difficulties, please stand by…

  1. donna lee says:

    Fingers and toes are crossed here for a smooth procedure. I had the gall bladder out a few years ago but since I don’t have a reaction to the anesthesia, I was in by 6 am and back home in my own bed by 1 pm. I used the mild pain killers for about a day and then just advil.

    I hope things go easily for you.

  2. Margaret says:

    Hope you slept well and are not too sore.

  3. Lynne says:

    *hugs* for Susan. Thanks for keeping us informed, Nadie.

  4. ozjane says:

    I came hoping for news it was all over. Hope all is going well. love and purrs from us.

  5. Margaret says:

    Please Nadie, an update on your Mother or at least…how is bear.

  6. Hope you are making a good recovery Susan and looking forward to your next blog.

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