Okay my darlings

So this is the current situation for those of you that aren’t on my FB feed :

Just over a week post surgery, I started feeling less than wonderful. The pain relief wasn’t. Relieving that is.

Initially I put it down to prolonged sitting at the kitchen table with visitors on Sunday, but as  discomfort segued into pain and a total lack of sleep, I realised it probably wasn’t that.

Without going into icky details, it was pretty obvious by Monday morning, that I was brewing an infection, and after a phone confab with the hospital, I presented at the GP’s just after they opened. Bugger this phoning for an appointment lark.

I have some form of wound infection, most probably MRSA ( still awaiting pathology results to confirm ) and I’m being treated on that basis with mega doses of appropriate antibiotics.

Using my patented knitting based Wellness Index which ranges from

1: Cannot summon up the energy to even think about anything yarn related


10: Knits complicated lace in fine yarn on thin needles

I have spent most of the week hovering around 1.5 ( thinks about knitting, possibly picks up needles, but puts them down again fairly soon thereafter )

Yesterday I made it all the way up to up to 2 ( mindless strip of  simple pattern, in this case moss stitch )

But nothing that makes for good blogging.

I’m attempting to behave myself. Pills. Couch potatoing. Nadie’s iPad. Facebook. Catching up on other people’s blogs that I have shamefully neglected of late

… And at least I’m not back in ‘ospital on a drip


19 thoughts on “Update

  1. Sorry susan, hope you will soon be well again.

  2. catsmum says:

    Thanks … All well wishes gratefully accepted

  3. Lynne says:

    Oh dear! I hope it all works out quickly! *hugs*

  4. Dorothy says:

    All the best for a quick recovery and a rapid rise on that scale of yours. xoxox

  5. Carol says:

    Oh this just isn’t a great post to read. I’m really feeling for you, you poor thing. I hope any infection is cleared up quickly and you shoot up to 10 on your scale. ((hugs))

  6. Catsmum says:

    Yeah I do have to say that Golden Staph isn’t fun.
    And … Y’know … Stuff that needs doing. Places to go. People to see. None of it happening.
    Trying to be patient with limited success

  7. donna lee says:

    The antibiotics for MRSA infections make me feel as sick as the infection! I am a MRSA carrier (feels like standing up at an AA meeting and introducing myself) and spent two separate weeks in the hospital hooked up to the drip. Nasty stuff.

    I hope these good drugs do it for you and you’re back to the knitting 10.

  8. Rosemary says:

    Poor Susan. I hope you are feeling a lot better very soon and you are back to a 10 (Knits complicated lace in fine yarn on thin needles) very soon.

  9. Sandra says:

    Sleep, healthy food even in little bits, you need protein to heal and stay hydrated. I brought a pretty jug and lemons so my water looked appealing. Take care hugs

  10. picadrienne says:

    MRSA is really not fun, my DD had it a few years ago. We learned two things from that ordeal, one warm Epsom Salt compresses help a lot, and two, she is allergic to sulfa drugs.

    Good luck to you on your recovery

    • Catsmum says:

      Oh yes I’ve known I can’t do sulphur drugs for about 30 years … in
      teresting that we both have that same sensitivity. I found out the hard way through a bad bout of mastitis and then a few years later, different sulphur drug given for an equally nasty bout of something flu-like. Fast forward a few more years, new doctor going through my adverse reactions put it all together.

  11. meow says:

    Susan, I do hope the infection heals quickly, and you are back to your old self, knitting away at No. 10 !! Sorry I can’t be there this weekend, but will be thinking of you. We are heading off very early Sunday morning, and will be away for most of the month. Sending get well hugs, and much love xxxx

  12. Shar says:

    hope your feeling better soon. hugs.

  13. Mandy says:

    Hope you get over this infection really quickly.

  14. gayle says:

    Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery! The fact that you’re too sick to knit just horrifies me!

  15. Oh Susan, I am sorry you are so sick. MRSA is mean. I wish I could bring you some chicken soup! I’ll send you healing energy instead. I hope you are better soon!

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