The Road To A Friend’s House

…  is never long.

Once upon a time I had a sweet little blue and white plate with this  ‘old Irish proverb’.

How old and how genuinely Irish remains to be proven.

The plate is long gone, accidentally broken by a visiting child, but the sentiment remains.

So I thought I’d take you on a visual journey from my front door to that of the oft written about Pete-and-Brenda-formerly-from-next-door, now resident at Emu Creek.

So obviously we start with the view Chez Catsmum, looking toward the dam [ which you probably can’t see because the garden is in the way ]

It’s Spring now, and the first of the irises are out. The surrounding bush looms in the background of any external shots, regardless of the season, but I especially love the juxtaposition in Spring.

As here, looking down the driveway towards the road.

We’ll take the passage  through town as read, proceed out  towards Barkers Creek, by-pass the Freeway, and head through Harcourt, home of the famous Harcourt apples, cherries and general fruity goodness.

This is about where I remember that I had intended to document the trip, so we’ll pull over on one of the few safe spots on this narrow, winding road …

and pause to admire the huge old Heysenesque gums.

Then onward over the exposed, rocky flanks of Mount Alexander, with no safe place to pull over for photography, until

we turn away from the fruit trees and into thoroughbred racehorse /trotter territory around Sedgewick

this seques into sort of general mixed agricultural use, until finally we reach the driveway of our destination and stop to admire how clean my car is[n’t]

and that, as they say, is your lot for today


5 thoughts on “The Road To A Friend’s House

  1. jan2132 says:

    Love the term “heysenesque.” Aptly describes the gums in your phot. Now you’ve made me wonder. I wonder what happened to dad’s framed Heysen prints. Must ask my sister.

  2. Peg Utting says:

    Thanks for a lovely trip, I enjoyed it as tho’ was there

  3. donna lee says:

    I think I love where you live. It’s all paved roads and houses here. I live in a smallish town surrounded by other smallish towns. To find stands of trees and open land, we have to travel a bit.

  4. Lynne says:

    Thank you — sharing the drive with friends makes it that much more enjoyable!

  5. Voncile says:

    I love sun dried tomatoes but I&7;21#8m not fond of tomatoes either for some reason. I’m really picky when it comes to them, the texture kind of throws me off lol Those biscuits look delish!

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