In which I am a butterfly

I’ve been mentally writing posts all week.

Rivetting, witty posts

… and whiny, self-pitying posts

because it’s been one of ‘those’ weeks.

You all know the kind I mean. Mixed. Really quite good stuff and not so good stuff.

Anyway, basically, as you will have guessed, none of those mental posts ever quite made it out of the shower [ where I seem to do my best blog writing ] and onto the computer keyboard.

So once again, it’s going to be one of the kind of posts that are mainly photos.


Sunday was the 150th anniversary of our local railway station and also, linked to that, a family day in the park adjacent to said station. There were all the standbyes of this sort of event. Sausage sizzles, bouncy castle, live entertainment – which included the Peace Choir, which is comprised of parents and friends of the Day Service that David attends, as well as clients and staff of some of the other mental health related organisations in town, augmented by some of the girls from our a capella womens’ choir, the Chat warblers [ both choirs being under the choral direction of the lovely Jane Thompson ]

Despite competing with a stiff breeze and the occasional steam train, our half hour or so of harmonising went quite well I thought.

David thoroughly approved of the singing, snags, fire engines, steam train, red balloon


face painting by lovely lovely Ambah, a local artist [ and knitter ]

I asked her to keep it simple for Dave because I wasn’t sure how he’d respond but he sat ever so quietly and kept his eyes closed when asked to. The grin on his face when he saw himself in the mirror was priceless.

There didn’t seem to be anyone waiting at that point so I figured ‘what the hell. Why not? Why should the kids have all the fun?’

and spent the rest of the day walking around looking like this: [ and this WAS taken in full sun so no poking fun at all of my wrinkles ]

It was kinda fun watching people’s reactions in the supermarket and later when I had to go collect my quilts from the Town Hall. It seemed such a shame that I had to wash it all off at bedtime.

If you can’t be a butterfly in Castlemaine, then you can’t be a butterfly anywhere.

the rest of the week has included half a very gentle dance class, a major fibro flare, a wee bit of machine patchwork, peanut butter fudge [ curse you Pinterest ] a lot of time horizontalling on the couch, almost no gardening

although Nadie and Chris’ wedding anniversary iris flowered right on time for Tuesday. Happy second Anniversary!


the rigid plastic one-size-fits-nobody-else-in-the-world-‘cept-me wrist brace I was fitted for last week, and didn’t tell you about because I couldn’t figure out how to do that without sounding whiny and self-pitying

has, as of yesterday afternoon, been joined by this one on the other wrist.

Looks and feels as though someone cut up a wetsuit.

and the cats really don’t care about unswept floors or unmade beds, so long as I can still tear open a box of kibble.


A perfect Sunday … and Quinoa Fritters

After a very strange week weatherwise [ T-shirts one day, winter woollies and a wood fire the next …

close to zero overnight and large swathes of the eastern side of the country actually had SNOW ]

today turned into one of those beautiful, balmy Spring days that make one glad that daylight Saving has started.

Off with the flannel jammies, and the cardi only lasted till mid morning.

David and I had breakfast on the verandah with assorted small animals

and later we rambled around the block [ keeping a watchful eye out for brown-and-wrigglies ]

and indulged in a spot of block clearance-by-goat


About mid afternoon, and despite a healthy breakfast and lunch, I found myself with a major case of the munchies, and casting hungry glances at all the luscious recipes on Pinterest.

Funny how many of them seemed to feature large amounts of chocolate [ hello migraine ], pumpkin, and peanut butter.

anyway, I decided to be good, and we had these cheesy zucchini quinoa patties/pikelets/fritters instead.

Of course my version was a little different to the original because , after all, it IS Sunday afternoon and there are no 24 hour supermarkets in the middle of the bush.

So here’s the original

and these are my modifications.

I have no idea what Fontina cheese is like. My choices were sliced Bega Strong & Bitey vintage tasty, Danish feta and  Perfecto Italiano’s Perfect Pizza [ grated Parmesan, Mozzarella and Cheddar ] I went with the grated pizza mix.

I used fresh garlic chives from the garden in place of the spring onions

and I added about a half a grated zucchini just because.

I’m not big on fried food so I used just the tiniest spray of Canola oil and a non stick pan.

Australian measures are not the same as US ones, but I basically went ahead with cups and spoons as stated and just added a wee bit more flour. I figure these sort of recipes are more of a guideline anyway. My eggs may be a different size. Did I pack down the grated cheese as firmly?  It’s all an experiment, right ?

Oh, and for the record, they were delicious. Served with sweet chilli sauce and a dab of Lite Sour Cream. Moist in the middle and crunchy on the outside. Perfection.


Tulip Time

It’s Spring here, and those that are lucky enough to be able to grow them, are currently enjoying the glory that is a good tulip.

MY tulips didn’t flower at all last year, so I was happy to see the beginnings of a half dozen small buds …

until Bear crashed through them and decapitated the lot.

My friend Bells of  Bellsknits however has been luckier with HER green thumb, as evidenced by this:

[ photo used with her permission of course ]


Strange really how much I just adore this photo, because I’m not ordinarily a huge fan of the yellow …

Anyway, love this image I do, and so I decided to see if I could draw it.

So, herewith, my fumbling attempt to sharpen up my somewhat rusty drawing skills [ and despite that self-deprecation, yes I am rather pleased with how this came out ]

I may tinker with it some more … try to catch that hint of mauve at the top of the stem that I couldn’t see on the other [ iPad] screen … or I may leave well enough alone.