Tulip Time

It’s Spring here, and those that are lucky enough to be able to grow them, are currently enjoying the glory that is a good tulip.

MY tulips didn’t flower at all last year, so I was happy to see the beginnings of a half dozen small buds …

until Bear crashed through them and decapitated the lot.

My friend Bells of  Bellsknits however has been luckier with HER green thumb, as evidenced by this:

[ photo used with her permission of course ]


Strange really how much I just adore this photo, because I’m not ordinarily a huge fan of the yellow …

Anyway, love this image I do, and so I decided to see if I could draw it.

So, herewith, my fumbling attempt to sharpen up my somewhat rusty drawing skills [ and despite that self-deprecation, yes I am rather pleased with how this came out ]

I may tinker with it some more … try to catch that hint of mauve at the top of the stem that I couldn’t see on the other [ iPad] screen … or I may leave well enough alone.


3 thoughts on “Tulip Time

  1. Peg Utting says:

    your version is delicate, lovely. Mauve in the stem could give it strength.

  2. Tracy Sussek says:

    That looks great! way better than I could ever do!

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