A Bearcut


The weather has been [finally ] warming up and so, inevitably, we have come to Bear’s least favourite day of the year.The Annual Shearing of His Hairy Beariness.
It’s not just a heat thing – although that is one major consideration -but out here, the grass seeds are a real problem. Nasty wiry little beggars that cling onto anything and given half a chance will burrow into places one doesn’t really want grass seeds. So given the magnificent lushness of the pelt on The Bear, a trip to the hairdresser was in order.

Cue the shaking and shivering on the back seat of the car

which lasted precisely as long as it took to drive around the corner to Bear’s ‘stylist’ Ms Leanne

whom he just adores

What he doesn’t love is

a] that he gets sent home sporting a bow on his collar [ although at least this time he got a blue one ] and smelling like a Francophilic female of negotiable virtue.


b] he gets teased by the duck

It’s really more than a bare Bear can bear.

The really weird thing though is that I almost expect him to behave differently once I get him home. I feel like I’ve got a different dog, so how can he possibly behave like MY Bear ?



12 thoughts on “A Bearcut

  1. jan2132 says:

    Dad had two thoroughbred Afghan hounds which were shorn annually. The male never minded, but Daisy the female hated it. Was thoroughly ashamed of her new image on return. She could not bear anyone to see her and would slink away and hide for several days till she finally accepted it herself.

  2. Never mind Bear, see you tomorrow for a consolation pat.

  3. Marcie says:

    “smelling like a Francophilic female of negotiable virtue” Oh, I do like that!

  4. Lynne says:

    He certainly doesn’t look thrilled!

  5. Dorothy says:

    he’s beary cute ! xoxox

  6. Rosemary says:

    I used to own an Old English sheep dog I sheared every year. She was so embarrassed she hid for the first few days after her hair cut. Bear looks very handsome in his summer clothes.

  7. meow says:

    Oh, he looks wonderful, if a bit miffed !!

  8. Renata says:

    The look on his face in that first photo is priceless!

  9. ozjane says:

    poor poor baby…..Ms Mogs sympathizes as I have started to brush the softest coat in town that has started to shed. I thought she was going to be a non shedding cat…..she just fooled me for the first year!

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