In lieu of the post that you WERE going to get before I decided I was too tired

and to annoy cheer up my friends in the parts of the globe that are heading towards Winter, herewith a couple of Spring garden photos:

Banksia Rose with MissC contemplating the odds of her being able to score a Superb Blue Wren snack before indoor incarceration [ odds very slim to none at all ]

Cuban lily – these send up a central spike that gradually opens out with dozens of tiny florets that are always amazing to watch … and they are easy to grow, spread but don’t take over PLUS … purplish blue. So a tick in every box.

anonymous white Iris


a good red rose, possibly Papa Meilland, and English Lavender [ Avonhurst maybe ? ]

Fruhlingsmorgen [ Spring Morning ] Rose and was ever rose so aptly named ?

I’m not a fan of the peaches and apricots into orange side of the colour wheel, but you can’t beat a David Austin Leander rose

and that, as a certain much loved Aussie gardening guru was wont to say, is your bloomin’ lot!


3 thoughts on “In lieu of the post that you WERE going to get before I decided I was too tired

  1. Lynne says:

    He certainly was! It’s funny how a few hundred kilometres can make such a difference: our spring garden — banksia rose, wonga wonga vine, flowering cherry — finished weeks ago although the miniature roses are still in full bloom.

    Hope you’re feeling less tired really soon!

  2. Jean says:

    Though I am from a northern climate I really enjoy your spring pictures—now. The first year I read your blog I had a very hard time wrapping my head around spring in winter. Now I look forward to the pictures so I can learn what all you can grow that we can’t. Please give Bear a hug, he needs all the extra hugs after his spring shave.

  3. =Tamar says:

    Beautiful pictures.

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