Remembering Oakley

I was going to wite this post yesterday. It didn’t want to be written, but better late than never:

Two years ago yesterday my beautiful gentle  Oakley made an assisted trip over the rainbow bridge. He was fifteen years old and had lived a good life.

I still miss him

a lot


12 thoughts on “Remembering Oakley

  1. What a beautiful fellow. Gone but not forgotten.

  2. Lynne says:

    What a gorgeous, amusing fellow!

  3. lisette says:

    he was an absolute darling xxx

  4. Linda Mullen says:

    Aww what a cutie

  5. Val Groombridge says:

    remember him well, he was such a sweetie…….

  6. Daphne Freke says:

    Beautiful cat. He was the image of our Oscar as he was a few years back. He’s now almost 18 and has lost his former beauty, sadly. These days he looks a bit scraggy but we’re glad to still have him.

    • Nadie says:

      Yes these photos are from when he was in his prime, he did fade away as he got older, but he was always our beautiful boy.

  7. Rosemary says:

    I understand why you still miss him. I miss everyone of my pets who leaves me. Oakley was a very handsome fellow and I know he had a wonderful life with you.

  8. Nadie says:

    Love those photos

  9. donna lee says:

    I have been pet free for just over a year now. My last cat died a year ago in early November. We decided not to get another one (for now) but after 30 years, I still look out for the spot where the food and water were on the kitchen floor and am surprised when it’s empty.

    Oakley was a handsome cat. he certainly looks like he enjoyed his life!

  10. Marigold says:

    I can see why you miss him. I mean anyone who sleeps in a sink is a character worth remembering. 🙂

  11. Julia G says:

    What a sweet fella – marmalade tom cats seem to have a very gentle, loving personality. We took in a stray a few years ago who could have been Oakley’s twin. Our good friends gave Mackintosh a loving home for many years and still miss him.

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