Christmas House Tour 2012

Sorry about the delay in starting the house tour but having a new bubby in the family has played havoc with my ability to wax lyrical about all things Christmassy.

It’s not enough for me to have the more public parts of my house all decorated for the season. I have a profound need to surround myself with Christmas reminders, so without further ado, Bear would like to welcome you to his my room.044

As you can see decades of Christmas quilting scraps have been turned into this deep, lush strippy quilt.

016 You really can’t see it in this photo but that burgundy I’ve used for the sashing is printed with detailed delicate old gold snowflakes which lends a slightly Victorian feel to the quilt, and I used up every single inch that I had of that print.


I have my own wee tree in here all decorated in crystal, silver and glass [ and acrylic pretending to be one of the above] with vintage knitting and sewing implements as well. There are knitting needle gauges in the shape of bells, an ivory awl, a vegetable ivory needle case from Nepal, tiny vintage silver scissors, and a thimble holder made out of mother of pearl.

and here I have to apologise for the crappy quality of some of the photos. Apparently I’m jinxed.  December 1 last year, I had a bad fall that mortally wounded the then camera. It valiantly held on for nearly a year, becoming more and more idiosyncratic, and a month or so ago, I finally caved and bought myself a new Nikon Coolpix. Which suffered a cat related fall onto the carpet on … you guessed it … December 1, 2012. As said carpet is laid on a concrete slab, the camera came off second best, and such things are not covered by warranties. I just can’t have nice things.

Next year on Dec 1, will somebody remind me to lock the camera in a drawer?

Anyway, so here’s my fuzzily out of focus tree


wearing a silk angel embroidered many years ago by an elderly South African quilting friend. Sadly Peggy Howell is no longer with us, but I remember her fondly every time I look at her exquisite handwork.


In lieu of a suitable tree skirt, I have a piece of slightly shredded Victorian or Edwardian silk-and-velvet crazy quilt that I bought at the local Historical Society Yard Sale for $1.


The tree is perched on a tower of Christmas boxes which normally hold the decorations for this room [ rule 312: buy storage boxes cheap after Christmas and press them into use as decoration  ]

Most of my santas are elsewhere and you’ll get to see them later but a few of the cream Saint Nicks live in here. I made this guy from a kit …018 mmm … about six years ago

This is my great grannie’s tallboy with crystal swags, bells, a victorian angel, antique crochet wedding gloves, another small tree, my baby doll and

the mirrored peace sign

which I grant you is not precisely subtle

but it works013

Oh and then there’s this cat sculpture/ figurine / thingummy

which leads us to Rule 213 : if it sits there for more than 30 seconds, tie a Christmas bow on it



17 days 2 hours and 53 minutes


13 thoughts on “Christmas House Tour 2012

  1. Thank you for this year’s tour! I NEEDED a little Christmas.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Thank you for showing us your Christmassy home. I’ve finished my decorating finally, although I tend to tweak it here and there throughout the month. 🙂

  3. Lynne says:

    Lovely! We have our outside lights up, that’s it! Since I am far away in Moree at the moment and the family Christmas party is at our place next weekend, I guess that will change sometime after I arrive home on Monday evening!

  4. wooliewombat says:

    You know your xmas house tours are becoming somewhat of a tradition for me…just like the Myer Xmas Windows….thanks for letting me into your house!

    love ya Miss Susan (oh and your goats and Mr Bear!)


  5. ozjane says:

    Very lovely….mine is up but blog is not.

  6. Marigold says:

    Oh, my! I have serious love of your quilt! It is too, too beautiful. All of your decorating is lovely. Really puts me in quite the spirit! Now the goats will be wanting me to decorate the barn!

  7. meow says:

    Loving your Christmas House Tour … can’t wait for the next installment. Shame I can’t get out to visit it all in person (and you, too, of course !!) this year … hope I get more of a chance to join in the SnB’s next year !! Take care xxx

  8. […] Moving on, the ladder over the bench gets an extra layer of frankly fake greenery and equally faux cranberry garland, hung with an assortment of my crochet snowflakes. On the wall behind are Danish Christmas plates and a seasonal bunting made by Tara McGrath. If you’re particularly observant, you may even have noticed the plaid bows tied to the ceiling fan. I refer you back to rule 213 […]

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