Christmas House Tour 2012 Day 2: the big tree

Last Christmas I mentioned to my darling daughter that I rather thought 2012 might well be the last year for the main tree.

I bought this six footer at Tarshay in 1999, after decades of real trees that we would get at one of those Christmas Tree Farms where they cut them for you and charge by the foot. We’d drag ’em home, set up the bucket of wet sand, and while I revelled in the real pine scent, two of my three offspring would spend several days with streaming eyes and struggling for breath. Hence the Target tree.

Each year it has gotten a little bit more raggedy, and there have been more cat-chewed bits of fake pine on the carpet but it still looked pretty good … I thought … until it came to trying to get a decent photograph for last year’s blog, and that was when I knew its time had pretty much come.018

Although now that I look at that photo, it’s still pretty … pretty. In my mind it was a lot more raggedy than this.

So, I was planning on a bit of tree replacement for next Christmas [ not a lot in the way of post Chrissie sales round Castlemaine ] and then a couple of weeks ago, Target put their trees out on a really good reduction so I now have a lovely new seven footer.

Decorating it was interesting. like … well … it’s a foot taller. It should need more ornaments, right?

So why do I have a half a big box left over?

and the answer is …028

that the new tree has more branches with fuller foliage so it just seemed to call for a lighter hand.

I haven’t used any of the strings of beads, stars, faux pearls that have been on the big tree in previous years, and most of the plastic and glass baubles that used to form the understory just weren’t needed.

It has my favourite antique looking mercury glass  and frankly fake acrylic icicles


a few crochet snowflakes that I couldn’t find room for in the kitchen.

This is the one I’m making for myself and gifts this year.[ free pattern – and many many more – at Snowcatcher’s blog ]



and other pieces of glass

This year I added a couple of packs of tiny blue jingle bells, and I cut up 4 boxes of matching blue bead garland into short strands for draping on the ends of branches.



My cousin Katti says that this tree is very restrained. I hope it’s also elegant cos that was kinda where I was heading with it.

At least Suki approves011




7 thoughts on “Christmas House Tour 2012 Day 2: the big tree

  1. Dorothy says:

    Wow .. your new tree looks beautiful. While its up though, you’d better not leave the house – I can see ‘mischief’ written all over that little furbaby’s face !! 🙂

  2. Maz says:

    Beautiful and elegant …… kinda hoped there might be some snowflakes from the book …… Maz xx

    • catsmum says:

      oh there will be Maz. There will be for sure. Bear in mind that I’ve only just been able to start knitting and crochet again after the four month layoff with staph and the wrist problems.

  3. Marigold says:

    Your tree is marvelous. (Love your SnowCatcher snowflake too! :)) Just beautiful!

  4. Rosemary says:

    Your new tree is beautiful, and yes it’s very elegant.

  5. Lynne says:

    Lovely! WM is buying our tree from the Rural Fire Service this year, you know the branches they lop when clearing the fire trails. Last time we bought one of these I sneezed the whole time it was in the house! Fingers crossed! I didn’t have any problems with the farmed tree we had last year, perhaps all that rain before Christmas helped,

  6. […] We’re still in the same room as the big tree I showed you in the last post. […]

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