That was the week that was

It all started with a phone call Saturday morning from son-in-law to tell me that Nadie had been raced into hospital for emergency surgery following postpartum complications.

Nett result: one mother who needed to see for herself that DD was going to be okay.

Cue first trip down to Melbourne for the week, which pretty much served to remind me why I dislike being anywhere near Melbourne in December. Don’t know what was worse … near-suicidal would-be last-minute shoppers, or the deranged driving of harried delivery drivers. Believe me, I do not argue with the driver of a B Double when he decides to change lanes without indicating.

The day was spent being debriefed and cuddling my gorgeous new girl, who modelled the wee dress that I had just finished


[Bendi Cotton 8 ply from the Magic Back Room of Super Discounts, 4.5mm needle, heavily modified from Yarn-Madness’ cute Bonny Baby singlet ]

All of this accomplished with impeccable behaviour from David during the five hours spent at the hospital. I simply could not have contemplated being able to do that a few years ago. [ Hospital phobia big time ]

Trip back the same day because of certain large caprines requiring comestibles, not to mention four deities felines requiring their daily food tribute.

followed on Sunday by:

my birthday / the anniversary of my beloved’s passing 13 years ago … as you could imagine always a more than slightly bittersweet day. Probably not the best day to be essentially on my own,  so a dear friend came over and had lunch with David and I.

A belated birthday lunch-with-shopping at Kyneton on Monday with my dear friend Robyn, another one of several friends who make sure my day is not entirely doom-and-gloom.

My girl was released from her incarceration on Tuesday morning. As it happened, we had already put Carer plans in place to allow me to go down and spend a couple of days with the new little VP family. Cue second [3 hour because of seasonal madness ] trip down . Obviously the visit was a little different than the one Nadie and I had originally planned … but I did at least manage to Christmassify their livingroom in record time

along with plenty of Abby cuddles

a modicum of housework

and oodles of besotted photo taking of both Abigail Rose


and her 5 month old cousin Asher. 139Ahhh, M’girls 🙂

AND  in the middle of all this bubby sweetness, a very long-planned-for and anticipated Opera Gala at Hamer Hall, followed by a totally unprepared-for invitation to the Gala Reception for the outgoing artistic director, Richard Gill [ Catsmum + high society types + opera singers past and present = fish-out-of-water … if the fish was standing unobtrusively by the wall clutching a mineral water ]

AND Riley’s 6th birthday

AND my belated birthday [ again ]

AND a lightning-fast Christmas gift exchange  because we won’t all be together on The Day

followed by:

the obligatory one-eye-on-the-clock mad dash back north, to pick up Dave [ 2 minutes to spare ] before which I managed to leave half my birthday presents, current knitting and my handbag with mobile phone and purse behind. Thank goodness I didn’t stop and fill up with petrol before discovering the lack of funds!

and two and a half hours later, after some rearrangement of the carport, including tinsel, Christmas music and a tree, welcome several busloads of David’s social club plus volunteers for

the Annual Christmas barbeque,006

016 with face painting:


011 by lovely volunteer Susan

[ volunteer Chris-who-owns-Bear’s-girlfriend-Jett channels Gene Simmons ]001

Of course there was a visit from Father Christmas, and assorted elves


and viewing of the Christmas House

all of which lasted until it was dark enough, some three and a half hours later, for them to pile back in the buses for a tour of local Christmas lights.

After a quick tidy up and the fishing of various bits of wrapping and curly ribbon out of the shrubbery:

Yesterday, knitting buddy Shar came up on the train and we went out to the farm to canoodle goats, have lunch and collect his Beariness, followed by knitting, before Shar’s train home. Dinner was followed by a fly-through visit from the Christmas elf Tara bearing my annual hamper of home baked delights [ including shortbreads, marrons, crostoli, Amazeballs, chilli nut mix and  … white chocolate pistaccio saffrom fudge … I cannot express how delightful this stuff is ]


follow all that with a visit today from yet another knitting buddy Toni, for lunch, knitting, perusal of new knitting books, pressies and the latest round in Toni’s ongoing quest to persuade Bear that she is a nice person worthy of his friendship.


and … no, wait … there was … and I forgot about … and I didn’t tell you …

Phew! No wonder it seems like a long week. Roll on Christmas!

House Tour back on track tomorrow


13 thoughts on “That was the week that was

  1. Val Groombridge says:

    Sorry to hear Nadie has been unwell, hope all is ok now.

  2. Lynne says:

    Hope Nadie is well on the way to recovery now! What a week that was! Here’s hoping for a quieter end to December. And a belated Happy Birthday to You!

  3. Cheryl Waters says:

    I know Nadie really appreciated your help. And Abby’s sweet dress is amazing. What a great adaptation of the Bonnie Baby. I don’t know how you managed to pack in such a full week and sweet Tara and her hamper must be delightful. And Christmas elf definitely describes Tara.

  4. Margaret says:

    Sorry to hear that Nadie has been unwell and hope she is well on the way to recovery. You do keep things very close to the chest. Happy birthday for last Sunday, at least now we don’t get upset with only a few presents for a December birthday…I used to be so upset that my Mother had me so close to Christmas. Hope you all have a healthy and Happy Christmas, as I have said before, yours is my favourite blog to read, thank you.

    • catsmum says:

      Not so much close to the chest, Margaret, as it wasn’t my story to make public until Nadie chose to do so. As for the December birthdays, yes they are the pits even without the added emotional load of it being Marc’s anniversary. I hated all the ‘combined birthday and Christmas’ presents as a child, that somehow never came remotely close to what other family members received on their days. Seems petty now but it is one of the reasons that we all make an extra effort for Riley’s birthday – and now Abby as well … and son in law … and his mum … and several cousins … oh Lordy!

  5. Marigold says:

    Good grief! I’m exhausted just reading about it all! The frock you made the baby is just beautiful, by the way. 🙂 And of course, it was heavenly taking care of the large Caprines, now wasn’t it? 🙂

    • catsmum says:

      oh my goaty girls are always taken care of, Miss Marigold. Definitely worth the effort of down-and-back-in-one-day. Just as the Goat Mother spoils you even when she is unwell.

  6. Maria says:

    Whoa, what an emotional roller coaster of a week!!!

    Hope it all settles down and a time of calm rules with much happiness for everyone

    Babies are adorable in their handmades!

  7. meow says:

    Whew, what a week … hope from now on it settles down to relaxation time !! Sending big Christmas wishes, love and hugs to you and yours, Susan … see you soon xxx

  8. Peg Utting says:

    Good wishes to you all and my own best wish is that you have a very kind 2013. Love and big hugs, Peg

  9. Jan says:

    What a week for you. I hope Nadie is fine now and remains that way. Those two tiny girls are adorable.

    Richard Gill? I’ve just read his biography which was a present to me from my brother. At the very beginning of his career he taught at the school my father taught at for many years and where my brother was one of the founding pupils. He lived relatively close and caught a cab down and back every day as he didn’t and, I think still, doesn’t drive. He reckoned it was cheaper than owning and maintaining a car.

    Happy Christmas to you and all your family and I hope it’s certainly more restful than last week.

  10. Rosemary says:

    I hope Naddie is feeling a lot better. You don’t want to be feeling ill or delicate with a brand new baby to enjoy.

    Happy belated birthday! My daughter Rebecca’s birthday is 27th December and I always felt it wasn’t fair so we celebrated her half birthday on 27th June where she got her real presents and just a small something to mark the real day in December. The look on some mother’s faces when they arrived with their kids at the birthday party and asked how old Bec was and was told 6 1/2 or 7 1/2 or whatever age she was. LOL Explanations always followed though.

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