and the Christmas House Tour of 2012 rambles on …

SO here we are on day 6

and this time we’re not – strictly speaking – doing one of the rooms. Are you up for a quick sprint down the hallway?

I’ve put the A/C on just for you because it’s still ‘orrible outside [ 39C/102F earlier ] and I wouldn’t want any of my North Hemispherian friends getting dehydrated.

At one end David’s door is decorated with a bright and cheerful 3’ long decal of Santa’s sleigh


that I found at the local Chickenfeed [ cheap variety store ] for $5 .

In theory I can peel it off carefully after Christmas and re-use it in years to come. Basically, at that price, if I only get the one year out of it, it was money well spent. It’s a bit bold and a bit glitzy but it’s Dave’s room and he seems to enjoy it.

the next thing to greet the eye is a Wild Goose Chase quilt that I made in the early 90s, folded over an antique [weaver’s] loom heddle most probably from Thailand.091

Then we have a collection of mini quilts and redwork stitcheries swagged down the hall.

some stitched on preprinted panels 008 (3)

and some that I adapted from applique patterns, themselves based on vintage images of Saint Nick




and none of the photos of the miniature quilts turned out spectacularly well, new camera notwithstanding, so if you want to see them, I would refer you to this post from so many years past that it’s actually off the old blog.

another decal … this time on the Linen Press


and moving on past my Log Cabin Christmas Tree quilt from the early 90s


We’re in the spare bedroom [ okay, yes. I lied. We are doing one room ]

with a Stack & Slash quilt in red Japanese prints,

a hug of Christmas bears, 0721980s Irish Chain quilt on the blanket box 071AND … ta-da …069 the glorious ox-blood red silk kimono that I was given just yesterday by lovely Toni, the former arch-nemesis and now buddy of his Beariness. Usually there’s a child sized one over the bed  – kimono that is, not arch nemesis – but it’s on the opposite wall for now.


If I haven’t Christmassed you into drivelling submission yet, meet me back here tomorrow for the [probably] final post in this year’s Tour.


4 thoughts on “and the Christmas House Tour of 2012 rambles on …

  1. Lynne says:

    I like the decal on David’s room and I’m hoping that my first Christmas wall hanging (which I posted about yesterday) will be the beginning of a collection that matches yours for variety and interest. Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

  2. Marcie says:

    The decals are a nice touch, and the kimono is gorgeous!

  3. Marigold says:

    Oh, your quilts are quite wonderful and I love the one under the Bear Hug! Your decorating is quite amazing! Especially given you don’t even have any snow. 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    I love it when people do such a wonderful decorating job and make their house really Christmassy. Thanks for sharing.
    In my. se I am sorting and discarding. My DD is into Christmassy so most of my excess is going to her. I am just keeping one tub of my favourite pieces.

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